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    Get the latest, cutting-edge information about back pain, what causes it and how to get lasting relief. Millions of people suffer from back pain unnecessarily - don't continue to be one of them.

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    Most cases of sciatica can be wiped out in just days and often with just a handful of simple exercises and stretches... but you have to know which exact ones YOU need to do. Learn about the 4 primary causes of sciatica, how to find out which is causing your pain and which treatments will work for your specific situation.

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    Diagnosed with a herniated disc? Been told by your doctor that surgery is the only option? Then you'll definitely want to read this guide because you'll learn about the real cause of herniated discs and how to heal them and get lasting relief without dangerous medications or risky surgery.

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My back is feeling better and better. I ran yesterday for 20 minutes and feel fine today. I am so motivated to keep working on it since it's working! This is me roping on a horse named Colonel. It was several buck offs and wrecks that caused the pain in the first place, but since I found you all, I'm back in the saddle again!

Emily Zimmerman - Milwaukee, Wisconsin