Pain sufferer: How would you like to...


Reduce Pain, Become More Mobile,
And Get Your Life Back!


All while you kick back and read your favorite magazine...
watch a movie or just relax...?



Dear Pain Sufferer,

What if you could...


... get pain relief... in just MINUTES...


... and watch scores of chronic, even dangerous health problems VANISH in just a few days...


... all while lying on your back and relaxing?


Sound too good to be true?


In the letter below, you'll see why it's not only POSSIBLE, but has already happened to thousands of people before you. Plus I'll show you how it's backed up by some of the most prestigious research facilities in the world.

The Secret To Lasting Pain Relief
Lies Deep Within Our Own Sun...?

Remember when you were a kid hanging out at the local swimming hole?


You splashed around with reckless abandon until you felt half frozen and your lips turned blue.

Far infrared rays penetrate DEEP into your body, promoting pain relief, relaxation, increased circulation and more!


Then you'd run up onto the beach and sprawl out on your towel to dry in the sun.


As you lay there, smothered in goosebumps, it was like the sun was shining right through you... warming you clear down to your bones...


... it felt so good!


In just a couple of minutes you were so snuggly warm you wanted to fall asleep... at which point you jumped up and ran back into the water to freeze your tush off again!

The heat that was warming you to the core was the sun's far infrared rays.


These waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, are capable of penetrating deep into the human body (literally right down to your bones) where they gently elevate the body's surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.

Don't worry, far infrared rays are 100% safe.


They're NOT the ultraviolet rays which cause sunburn and skin cancer.


Far infrared waves are a 100% safe form of light energy which heat objects by direct light conversion - a process that directly warms the object, not the surrounding air.


FIR heat is so safe that neonatal care units now use infrared heating systems to keep infants warm.

For the last 40 years western researchers and clinicians have done extensive studies on the healing power of FIR energy and have made some startling discoveries.

For example, the Respiratory and Stress Care Center in Japan conducted a study of patients giving them daily infrared treatment. After 15 to 25 sessions in a FIR sauna, the patients showed significant improvement in pain.


The patients were able to discontinue their medication and showed no relapse of symptoms after a year, during which time they continued the infrared therapy once or twice weekly.

The Journal of American Medical Association confirms it! Far infrared energy provides us with a list of health-boosting-benefits!

Sound good so far? It gets even better.


In August of 2010, the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine conducted a study which studied individuals with varying levels of fibromyalgia. They found that the patients who underwent the thermal therapy treatment reported significant reductions in pain and symptoms of 31-77%!



In a study created by Nishi Kyusyu University in Saga, Japan, which tested participants in pain severe enough that they couldn't work, they discovered that by adding heat therapy to their treatment (including cognitive behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, and exercise therapy)... 77% of the participants in the study were able to return back to work!


Here's the problem.


None of us has time to sit out in the sun for 30-60 minutes per day. And not all of us live in places where the sun is shining most of the time.


Plus, because the sun's far infrared rays have to travel literally tens of millions of miles to reach you, the power has faded from them.

Therefore... even if you DID have the time to sit out in the sun each day, you wouldn't get as many benefits as if you isolated far infrared rays and applied them directly to your body.


This Helps You CAPTURE The Sun's Energy...
Without Traveling To The Sun Itself!


Declining health is a powerful enemy.


The Far Infrared Heating Pad gives you pain relief... while you relax!

It can be aggravated by stress, pain, illness, poor circulation, and a host of other conditions.

But you won't find an ally in pills or surgeries or other treatments doctors throw at you that only address the symptoms instead of dealing with the underlying problem.

To get pain relief, it's vital to keep your system in tip-top shape. And that begins by giving it the penetrating heat it needs to soothe, repair, and strengthen—from the inside out.

And that's why I'd like to put all of the incredible benefits of FIR energy into your hands today.

Now, don't get me wrong.


I'm not going to teach you how to be a Palm Healer or something crazy like that.


What I have in mind is far easier—it'll take only about 90 seconds to master.

That's because now you can get all the benefits of FIR energy in your own personal far infrared heating pad which delivers deep, soothing, healing heat to your pain anytime and anywhere—whether you're at home, in your car, at the office, on vacation or even in your sleep.

Introducing: The Far Infrared Heating Pad!


Ordinary heating pads are slow to heat and do no more than warm your skin. With penetration of just 2-3mm (about the thickness of your skin), they simply can't go far enough to warm and soothe deep muscle, and tissue to stimulate blood flow and jumpstart healing.

As soon as you turn the heating pad off, any small benefit you might have gotten from the heat instantly disappears.

Far infrared heat, on the other hand, heats fast and penetrates so deep, you'll feel the comfort and pain relief last up to six hours (depending on how long you soak in the heat).


The far infrared heating pad comes in three convenient sizes — all of which give you an extra long power cord and natural jade for maximum heat transfer (which we'll talk about in a minute).


  • SMALL PAD SIZE: 15" x 19" - great for taking with you to the office or when you travel.


  • MEDIUM PAD SIZE: 21" x 30" — Big enough to cover your entire back all at once.


  • LARGE PAD SIZE: 24" x 70" — You can sleep on it and get the benefits of FIR heat all through the night to soothe your body's aches and pains all at once.

This portable FIR therapy system puts your pain to rest safely, quickly and naturally.


In fact, it's the most powerful pain relief available without a prescription.

The infrared heat from our heating pad can penetrate the skin as deep as 3 inches, compared to just
2-3mm of other pads.

This is why FIR heat is so completely different from conventional heat. And why FIR's energy is able to reach deep into your body, zero in on your pain, and speed natural healing.

And that's just the first difference you'll find.


Our far infrared heating pad is also...

    Safer than ordinary heating pads. Unlike ordinary heating pads, these FIR heating pads do not radiate any harmful electric magnetic fields (EMF).


    Extra comfortable. Automatic comfort control gives you adjustable heat settings for the exact comfort level you need, and will never overheat.


    Even heat distribution. Ensures even therapy over the entire affected area, and you never have to worry about hot spots that might burn you.


    Robust construction. Our far infrared heating pad is made from high quality materials and built to last, delivering deep relief not only for the pain you're experiencing now, but any conditions you or your family members may experience in the future.


    Flexible. The pad molds to every contour of your body so you can treat just about any area—ankle, leg, shoulder, arm, waist, knee, back, and more.


    Quick heating. Feel the warmth in just a few short minutes...


    Guaranteed quality. We firmly stand behind the high-quality of our far infrared heating pad with a 90-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.




How Our Heating Pad Transfers Heat
Straight Into Achy Muscles And Joints!


One of the most unusual and amazing qualities of the far infrared heating pad is the warming device that delivers the FIR energy to your body—row-upon-row of polished Jade stones.

The Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries as a stone representing health, wealth and longevity.

In eastern medicine Jade is believed to improve the lungs, heart, thymus, immunity, kidneys and blood detoxification. It strengthens the body's filtration and cleansing systems and helps remove toxins.

In the Heating Pad therapy system, when the jade is heated, it transports the far-infrared waves deep into your body to warm, soothe, cleanse and relieve your pain.


You see, just like an ice cube transforms from a solid to a gas as it warms up, far infrared energy also goes through a transformation which allows it to give you relief from pain.


As the far infrared rays penetrate your skin, they transform from light energy into heat energy. Studies show that this energy is therefore able to penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments.


The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate which improves blood circulation and promotes healing and wellness.


This in turn reduces inflammation, relieves pain and accelerates circulation...

In other words, deep penetrating infrared heat delivers more oxygen-rich blood to painful or injured areas which helps take your pain away.


15-30 minutes a day is all it usually takes to feel the results.


Why The Far Infrared Healing Pad
Beats The Pants Off "Traditional" Heating Pads...


If you've ever used one of those cheap, low-quality $20 heating pads, you know just how ineffective they are.


They work only half of the time, have multiple "hot spots" which burn your skin and as you've already discovered today... only warm the very surface of your skin... providing you NO extra healing benefit.


As I'm sure you know, the price of something goes a long way towards showing the true QUALITY of the product and how much it can help you.


Why do you think cheap, $20 heating pads cost so little?


Because they don't work!


As you can see, the difference is huge.


If you don't believe me... just take it from a few of our customers who are singing their praises for the heating pad!


"It was miraculous how quickly it was effective..."

Hello Jesse, By a combination of physical therapy and yoga I can tell you my back pain is significantly reduced. The product that has benefitted me most is the heating pad, can't think of the name of it at the moment without going upstairs... Anyway, I purchased one for myself and one for a friend. It was miraculous how quickly it was effective.


Many Thanks,

- Susan Cohrs



Mary Loves The Heating Pad!

Jesse, I've had one of these pads for about nine months, use it every day, and just love it.


- Mary Peck



80 Year Old Finally Finds
A Heating Pad That Works!


"My mother is in her 80's and suffered a hip problem because of slipping out of a chair and landing flat on her tail bone.


The medical people could not find anything wrong but her hip pain has continued on now for these few years. She sits on a "normal" heating pad a lot to help with this pain and it very honestly does very little good. I had her come over one day and let her use the heating pad from you.


That took about 15 minutes for her to feel the effect of the deep heating so I sent that pad home with her and she has used it daily since and loves it. I even bought her a power inverter that she can plug into a cigar lighter in their vehicle so she can use it if she has to sit in the back seat of that vehicle.




- Cliff Woods



"No more pain pills for me!"


I'm a Mom to two special needs kids so I do a lot of bending at home, but at work all I do is sit all day. It finally caught up with me and I started having debilitating sciatica pain.


Chiropractic and physical therapy helped a little but not enough to get me through the pain. It was so bad I couldn't sleep at night.


After doing your exercises ofr sciatica, and using the Rub On Relief® and far infrared heating pad religiously, the pain is gone. If it acts up again I just pull out the heating pad and do my exercises.


No more "pain pills" for me!


- Robin



We get success stories like these every single day. The fact is, traditional heating pads simply don't work well for reducing pain. They only heat your skin but do nothing to promote healing.


When you begin using our far infrared healing pad, you'll be shocked as you witness...

Scores of Chronic, Even Dangerous,
Health Problems Simply Vanish!

As I just mentioned, when far infrared rays penetrate your body they gently warm the muscles and tissue and dilate your arteries, which allow blood to flow more freely through them.

With this detoxification and improved circulation scores of chronic, even dangerous, health problems dramatically reduce or disappear all together...


Sciatica and excruciating back pain diminish...


Muscle cramps relax and pooled fluid in the extremities dissipates...


Arthritis pains go out the window and is replaced by mobility you haven't had since you were a teenager...


Muscle spasms, sprains and strains relax as the warming heat penetrates deep into the muscles...

Listen, I understand what you've read so far doesn't mean a thing unless it works for YOU, right?


After all, thousands of people have already seen the amazing benefits of our far infrared healing pad, but I want YOU to experience it for yourself before deciding if it really works or not.


And that's why I'd like to give you the chance to...


Test-Drive The Far Infrared Heating Pad
RISK-FREE For 90-days...

The proof is in the pudding so I want you to be able to test-drive this amazing technology for yourself.

Simply order whatever size Heating Pad is best for you (small, medium or large) and we'll rush it out to you.

I'm so sure you're going to feel so good once you start using either version of this far infrared heating pad I want you to put it to work for yourself for 90 days and experience the deep, penetrating healing first-hand.

You must be absolutely delighted with your heating pad or I insist you return it within 90 DAYS for a full and complete refund of the purchase price (minus shipping fees).

No hassles...


No strings attached...


No questions asked....


I'm in this to help you so I want you to be totally, 100% happy with our far infrared heating pad or I don't want you to owe a dime.



I can't make this any more of a no-brainer.


Keep living in pain...


... or try a completely RISK-FREE way to find relief that's been proven to work over and over again.


It's your call now!


3 Great Reasons To Get Your Far Infrared Heating Pad
From THIS Page Only!


1. Highest quality - Our pad is GUARANTEED to last longer than other similar brands. In fact that's why we offer a 2-year limited-part warranty. That way if anything does happen to stop working as it should (it won't), we have you covered.


2. Safety - These heating pads are SAFE... unlike the cheap imitators which have a very serious FIRE risk due to manufacturing errors which cause shorting within the wires. What's the value of knowing that your family is safe?


3. Personalized Support from Certified Back Health Specialists - We are the ONLY company offering these far infrared heating pads who also gives personalized support from our certified back health specialists. If you have any questions at all - just ask and we'll be happy to help you. This is a very real $97 value by itself.



Order Your
Far Infrared Heating Pad Now....

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Please Note:  Heating pads are only available to US and Canadian Customers at this time.


Note to Canadian Customers: If there are any duties, taxes or brokerage fees, you are responsible.


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I urge you to try our far infrared heating pad today.


You have nothing to lose but your pain. Put it to the test and see how wonderful it makes you feel.

Yours in health,

Jesse Canonne
Co-Founder, Healthy Back Institute®

P.S. In all my years of working with pain sufferers and researching safe, non-medical treatments I've NEVER seen a natural remedy work as quickly and as effectively as the Far-Infrared technology. It reduces your pain, improves your mobility and promotes relaxation and circulation faster than you'd ever expect.

Truth be told, I use it myself every night while in bed reading and relaxing. I just know you're going to love this simple, soothing treatment as much as I do! Click here to order your very own today!




FAR Infrared Heating Pad FAQ's


Natural Jade Stones for maximum heat transfer and penetration


Travel Carrying Case for ALL 3 sizes


TWO YEAR Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Far Infrared heat penetrates 2-3 inches


Ready to use in just minutes


Digital controller allows for exact temperatures


Auto shut-off


Relieves Pain


Takes away arthritic pain


Promotes relaxation


Increases circulation


Improved range of motion


Model Dimensions Weight   Volts Wattage  Hertz Plug
Small     15” x 19”      2 lbs        110v   75W       3 Prong, type-B    US/ Canada Standards Only
Medium 21” x 30”      8 lbs        110v  150W      3 Prong, type-B    US/ Canada Standards Only
Large     24” x 70”     15lbs       110v  300W      3 Prong, type-B    US/ Canada Standards Only

Question: What conditions will the Heating Pad work for?
This is only a partial list of conditions:

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Back pain
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Constipation
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Golfer's Elbow
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hip pain
  • Hypertension
  • Neck Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder problems
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tension / Stress

Question: When should the Heating Pad NOT be used?


  • Do not use directly over open wounds.
  • Do not use directly over acute injuries.
  • Do not use directly over face or genitals.
  • Do not use if you are insensitive to heat, including paraplegic and quadriplegic or have poor blood circulation that affects your ability to feel heat or cold sensations.
  • Do not use if you are immobile or incapacitated or not able to remove the heating pad from your body.
  • Do not use this product with infants or children under the age of 6. Children under the age of 14 should always use the pad under adult supervision.
  • In the case of pregnancy, diabetes, hemophilia, malignancy or other serious conditions, consult with your physician before applying the heating pad.
  • If you carry implants, see the advice below.

Can the Heating Pad be used if you are a carrier of implants?

Answer:  Implants may absorb infrared radiation at different rates than the various bodily tissues, and there is a chance that metal implants can absorb far more heat than the surrounding tissues and cause burns; or the heat energy might be able to weaken, warp, distort, affect, damage and even destroy the implant. Since this has not been studied for the many different materials that are used for implants, we advise against using the heating pad unless approved and supervised by a competent physician.

Warning: Even if you do get medical clearance from your physician to use the heating pad, these two guidelines must always be followed.

  • Do not use directly over medical implants or metal implants;
  • Do not use directly over implanted silicon or silicon prostheses.


When should I feel results?

Answer:  Many people experience immediate relief from tension and remedial pain. Some require several days of regular use to feel the benefits of Far-Infrared Heat. The results vary and will depend upon your underlying conditions and how often you use the Heating Pad. To get the quickest results and greatest benefits, use Heating Pad according to directions as often as possible.


What are the Benefits of Far-Infrared Heat?


  • Relieves pain from arthritis, sprains, strains and overworked muscles.
    Deep penetrating heat dilates blood vessels bringing relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries which deliver oxygen rich blood to joints and muscles. Muscles and joints relax more readily for greater flexibility and range of motion and heal faster when they are warm.

  • Increases circulation

  • Promotes relaxation

Question: Is the Heating Pad flexible? Can it be wrapped around a body part?

Answer:  Yes. The format of the pad is totally flexible and made to mold to an area of discomfort for ultimate heating benefit and pain relief.


Question: Which side of the pad goes toward the skin?

Answer:  The Jade stones will always go toward the skin.


Question: Can I use it through my clothes or a layer of padding?

Answer:  Yes, you can use it over clothes or with a layer of padding for comfort.


Question: How long can I use the pad?

Answer:  You can use the pad as often and for as long as you like. Many customers like to use it to help them relax and soothe aches and pains throughout their day, while others like to use the pad to help expedite the healing process of an injury. The more you use it the more relaxed and revitalized you will feel.


Question: Is there a specific place or way to use the Heating Pad?

Answer:  We suggest setting the pad up in a comfortable place where you can relax and benefit the most from using the product. Setting the pad up on a pillow on your bed, or on a couch would be great because you’d be able to relax at the same time as using the pad. The pad can be applied to any area of the body, except for the face, genitals or open wounds.


Question: What is the best temperature for me and my condition?

Answer:  Every body is different and responds differently to most forms of heat therapy. Use common sense while in your introductory period with this product (the first few weeks). Start "slow and low" in terms of temperature and time.


Question: Can I burn myself with the Heating Pad?

Answer:  It is possible, if used on bare skin, as the jade stones can become quite warm and everyone’s individual threshold for heat varies. We recommend at least one layer of clothing and a towel as a protective barrier while using the Heating Pad. Remember, the Infrared wave length will penetrate through clothing or a towel without affecting the heat transfer.


Question: Why do you use natural Jade Stone in your Heating Pads?

Answer:  There is a special relationship between natural Jade stone and far infrared (FIR) heat. Jade is one of the best natural conductors of FIR heat and when you pass FIR waves thru Jade stone, the stone stores and conducts the heat evenly to your body.


Question: What is the Warranty on the Heating Pad?

Answer:  Two Year Limited Warranty on the Heating Pad and replacement parts. We warrant our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Parts, which become defective within the warranty period, will be repaired or replaced except for damage due to negligence, abuse, misuse, misapplication, unauthorized modifications, improper installation or normal wear and tear.


Question: Can the Far Infrared heating Pad treat medical conditions?

Answer:  The Far Infrared Heating Pad is an FDA class II medical device. It is indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis; the temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain; the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

If you have a medical condition of any kind and you think you can benefit form the Far Infrared Heating Pad, please consult with your physician. If you are given medical clearance to use the Far Infrared Heating Pad, you will be doing so under your physicians suggestion and supervision.



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