Heating Pad for Back Pain?

Heating Pad for Back Pain?

If you’ve ever suffered from any type of back pain, you’ve likely reached for the electric heating pad to soothe your aching muscles. While heat therapy can be helpful at temporarily reducing pain, it doesn’t come without some risk.

Not only are burns possible, but nearly all electric heating pads emit harmful EMF’s (electro magnetic frequencies) which can cause all sorts of health issues, nausea, anxiety and cell damage to name a few.

But the good news is, there is a heating pad that doesn’t come with all these risks… it’s called the Far Infrared Heat Therapy and not only does it not emit harmful EMF’s, but it’s heat penetrates much deeper which provides for longer lasting pain relief.

Just 60 minutes of use can result in up to 6 hours of pain relief. Plus, another great benefit is, the far infrared heat also promotes and speeds healing. Be sure to watch our additional videos about far infrared heating pads here.

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Written By: December 8,2009

3 thoughts on “Heating Pad for Back Pain?”

  1. louis delsarte says:

    hi jesse I have read your many articles, statments and cures for back pain my back began last july when i was lifting heavy panels for a mural project, its been a rough six months, I wish i could afford all your products, i think i need and inversion table first, then perhaps heal and soothe if it works, hope you have time to look at my web site, I have been a professional artist for forty years Louis Delsarte

  2. max duncan says:

    I’ve heard that iceing the lower back will help to decrease inflamation. Is this true?

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Max,

    They do read and review this blog. However, you would be best to please submit your query to the helpdesk using the following link where personal questions are answered.


    Our Customer Support

    They will then be able to discuss your specific question and discuss any more personal information in order to help you, with more privacy than is available on a public blog.

    Thank you

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