I Want Cymbalta


Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Is this pill the answer to your back pain?

Ever see one of those drug company ads on TV or in a magazine showing happy people “getting their life back” after taking some promoted drug or another?

Let’s remember those happy people are actors — paid to make the product look good. A product that more often than not has side effects as bad as or worse than the condition being treated!

Recently, one of our Facebook readers shared this funny video with us illustrating just how gullible we are to believe these ads. In the video, a tennis player injured her back and wants a quick fix. Watch how this one plays out when her doctor begins to share all the side effects of the requested medicine with a patient who doesn’t really want to hear the facts.

Your key takeaway… next time you feel the urge to “ask your doctor” about the latest and greatest medicine after seeing an advertisement… first be sure that 1) you want the straight answer, and 2) you go to a doctor actually more interested in your health than simply writing prescriptions and collecting an office visit fee. Good luck with that one.

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Written By: March 3,2011

1 thought on “I Want Cymbalta”

  1. Andreas says:

    This “Cymbalta”-film is a drastic example, fortunately it ends happily.
    Un-fortunately, neither too many doctors have the patience to insist nor too many patients have the insight to follow such an advice.
    How do I know?
    Pharmacist myself.

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