Inspiring Tribute to Soldiers (and Their Families)…

“Freedom is not free”…

Those are the words inscribed on a famous wall that you’ll see at the conclusion of this very inspiring tribute to fallen soldiers — and their families — below (created by Brian Vaszily… founder of The Creative Genius Institute, a member of the U.S. Navy himself before a medical discharge in 1988, AND a proud member of our own team here at The Healthy Back Institute!)

What “Freedom is not free” means, of course, is that any and all of the freedoms we do enjoy here in the United States today have come at a steep price: the sacrifices of the veterans who served that are still with us today, and the extreme sacrifice of all those soldiers over the decades and centuries who lost their very lives for us.

And let us not forget, too, the extreme sacrifice the spouses, children, parents, and other family members of those fallen soldiers paid, too, on our behalf.

WHATEVER you may think of the various wars and battles the U.S. has been involved in, remember it is the politicians who lead us there. The soldiers, meanwhile, are the ones doing their duty, putting their lives on the line for us… and they deserve our highest praise and deepest gratitude… we salute you.

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Written By: May 22,2014

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