Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm

Lower back muscle spasms can happen to the best of us. As with any muscle spasm, it’s important to stop, breathe, relax and work through the pain until it is under control. Do not agitate your back more by pushing through the pain. Pain is a natural response that tells us that something is wrong and we should listen to that response. Muscle spasms in the lower back are most likely caused by damage to the muscles in the lower back.

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What is a muscle spasm?

A muscle spasm occurs when a muscle is torn or overstretched. The result is damage to the muscle fibers. A lumbar sprain occurs when ligaments are stretched to far or even torn. Ligaments are fibrous connecting tissues which are very tough and they connect the muscles to joints and bones.

Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm Treatment #1

Reduce inflammation in the body

When a muscle is torn or stretched out of its normal position, inflammation can occur. With this inflammation a muscle can spasm which can cause a tremendous amount of pain. It’s important to rest and it’s more important to treat the inflammation from the inside! Something called Prostaglandins are sent to the injured area to cause pain, redness and inflammation. Why do you ask? This is your body’s way of telling you not to use that area of the body. Then, the body can send in its healing agents to repair your damaged cells.

1972 a doctor by the name of Dr. Wolf, discovered a substance called proteolytic enzymes, naturally found in the body, are the body’s first line of defense against pain and inflammation. We have created an all natural anti-inflammatory supplement which fights inflammation using 12 of nature’s most powerful ingredients, which includes proteolytic enzymes.

Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm Treatment #2

Ice and Heat Therapy

Apply ice immediately to the lower back for twenty minutes. Remove for twenty minutes and alternate every twenty minutes. Ice will help reduce inflammation and ease the pain. Continue to alternate the ice 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for up to 48-72 hours. After this time, if you are still experiencing pain, the use of heat therapy should get the pain under control.

Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasm Treatment #3

Muscle Balance Therapy

It’s important to address the underlying cause of lower back pain. Baring trauma, muscle imbalances are the leading cause of all types of back pain. To learn more about muscle imbalances, you can click below.

Overcoming Your Lower Back Pain with Muscle Balance Therapy

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