Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND is both a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor and the author and coauthor of 13 print books plus two eBooks. She is a frequent guest on radio and television and writes for a variety of health magazines and blogs spreading the message of natural health.

Proficient in both conventional and alternative medicine, Dr. Dean is the medical director of the VidaCosta Spa el Puente being built in Costa Rica – opening 2010. Her new eBook VidaCosta Good Health Encyclopaedia is the first in a series of VidaCosta books that will offer a glimpse of life at the spa!

Dr. Dean also offers customized consultations by phone. Dr. Dean has been in the forefront of health issues for twenty-eight years. In her Wellness Telephone Consultations, Dr. Dean assists individuals with all types of illness at any stage or severity. Dr. Dean specializes in managing and healing often misdiagnosed and chronic conditions such as digestive problems, hormone imbalance, recurring infection, irritable bowel syndrome, widespread inflammation, allergies, anxiety, fibromyalgia, mood swings, chronic fatigue syndrome, fluid retention, lost vitality, and other conditions that are not satisfactorily controlled.

Dr. Dean does not take a generalized or standardized approach to treating her patients. From a medical perspective, each person is highly unique and requires a specialized application of treatment. Dr. Dean evaluates symptoms from a broad range of perspectives and offers a wide array of medical healing applications. For each patient Dr. Dean creates individualized formulas for reversing illness and restoring health. Dr. Dean has had success in identifying and alleviating conditions that often seem mystifying and puzzling to health care professionals. For most patients, Dr. Dean assists in halting disease progression and preventing symptoms from worsening. Feeling better, attaining a former state of better health, and zest for living, in many cases, are attainable goals.

Dr. Dean graduated from medical school in 1978 and holds a medical license in California. She is a graduate of the Ontario Naturopathic College, now the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, on whose board she served for six years.


  • Dr. Dean has authored and coauthored fifteen books including The Magnesium Miracle
  • IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance
  • The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health, Homeopathic Remedies for Children’s Common Ailments
  • Everything Alzheimer’s, Menopause Naturally, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health
  • Solve It With Supplements, and Natural Prescriptions for Common Ailments. Death by Modern Medicine
  • Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions (ebook)
  • VidaCosta Good Health Encyclopedia (ebook)

You can reach Dr. Dean at www.carolyndean.com and browse some of her books here: Dr. Carolyn Dean Books.

Dr. Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.

Consultations for Health available by phone