“My wife was in tears from the pain …because of inversion she’s her old self again!”

“My wife suffered from severe sciatica for four months. During that time the pain progressed from a mildly annoying feeling in her upper right thigh to a stabbing, burning pain which ran the complete length of her leg.

“It’s important you understand that my wife has an extremely high pain tolerance, however this pain reduced her to tears many nights. Sleep was impossible. Finally I purchased your inversion table. In less than one week she was sleeping again and the pain had diminished considerably. We’ve owned the table now for about 4 weeks. My wife uses it two to three times a day, for about 6 minutes a session. She is her old self again, sleeps fine and is pain free. The folks at the spine clinic wanted to discuss surgery with her. Purchasing your inversion table was the best thing we ever did.”

–J. Luper, Salt Lake City, UT

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Written By: January 3,2009

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