Pain and Cold Weather

6 Key Tips to Stop Your Winter Pain

pain and cold weatherPain and cold weather are partners in crime.

As temperatures dip in winter, many people experience increasing pain … especially back pain, joint pain, and knee pain. But YOU do not need to!

Fact is, changes in weather and barometric pressure do make a difference in your pain, and the experts are finally recognizing it. A 2007 Tufts University study, for example, concluded that 10-degree drops in ambient temperature were linked to incremental increases in arthritic pain.

As if you needed any more confirmation that the cold weather pains you’re feeling are real, even The Weather Channel devotes a page of its Healthy Living Maps section to a daily Aches and Pains Index.

So what can you do when the mercury dips for good this winter?

Before you reach for that bottle of over-the-counter or prescription pain meds that will do far more harm than good to you, consider these six powerful tips:


1) Do not get sedentary and hibernate when it gets cold. We are not bears!

Instead, maintain a consistent and effective exercise plan —
try our NO EXCUSES Workout that only takes 4 minutes per day if routinely working out is challenging for you!

2) Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

3) Sleep well! If you do not routinely feel refreshed and ready in the morning, see Pain and Sleep: 15 Powerful Sleep Tips

4) Avoid the stress that can increase in winter with the holidays and more by properly managing your emotional health

5) Avoid foods that sabotage your immune system, and eat as healthy as possible instead — do not miss…
The 7 WORST Foods that Cause Early Aging and Disease

6) Treat your pain with far infrared heat that relieves the pain quickly, feels wonderful, AND eliminates the underlying cause of the pain …

Click to Watch the Far Infrared Heating Pad Video Now
(A Must for Pain and Cold Weather!)



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