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Pain relief comes in many forms. We know that from spending a decade helping tens of thousands of people reduce and eliminate their pain, get health and fit again and get on with enjoying their lives.

Below is the list of pain-relievers, reducers and eliminators we've found to work the easily, quickly and reliably. Browse the products and see which ones are right for you. If you have any questions click here to go to our contact page and ask — we're happy to help out in any way we can.


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Pain Relief Products



FREE! The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

Lose The Back Pain System

Learn the secrets to finally getting lasting relief from your back, neck or sciatic pain. Get relief in as little as days.. even if you've suffered years or decades and have tried it all! Click here to grab a FREE copy now



Lose the Back Pain System

Lose The Back Pain System

$97 (Physical Version)
$79 (Download Only)

Get rid of your back-pain for good. Join over 56,712 people who've erased back pain and sciatica from their lives.

"Long story short.... I've been pain free for the last 8 weeks. And I mean PAIN FREE for the first time in over 15 years!"

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Rub On Relief

Rub On Relief - Rub It On And The Pain Is GONE!

Rub it on and your muscle pain is gone! Just ask people who've tried it...

"Sore, stiff back pain
— GONE in Minutes!"

Joey Avantaggio, Bremen, MA

"Immediate relief from my hip pain and muscle spasms"
Margaret Franz, CO

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Super Joint Support

Back Joy - Back Orthotics, Correct Posture When Sitting

If you suffer form any type of joint pain, you definitely should take a close look the tested-and-proven ingredients in this fast-acting liquid formula. Click here to learn more
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Back Pain Seat Cushion

If you are suffering from any type of back pain or sciatica and would like to be able to sit without pain, I highly recommend you try this seat cushion. After testing dozens over the years this is the one that we (and our customers) have found works the best.
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Back Pain Seat Cushion



Back Joy Core

Back Joy Core - Back Orthotics, Correct Posture When Sitting

More than 9 out of 10 people who try Back Joy Core report getting relief. It's the easiest way to make sure your back is in healthy alignment when sitting. Use it at work and at home for better spine-health and avoid back-problems.
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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

It's like having a trained acupressure-masseuse on call to get rid of your back-pain. This is the easiest way to get deep-pressure massage in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want. Using your own body weight you'll get pain-relief and a GREAT MASSAGE all while you're relaxing on your couch.

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Inversion Tables

Undo the damage gravity has done to your back. The discs in your spine get squeezed together by gravity causing pain, bulging discs and more.

Inversion therapy helps you decompress the spine, taking pressure off nerves, increasing blood flow and hydration to the discs and promoting healing.   Click here to see inversion table reviews

Inversion Therapy - 2000 Year Old Back Pain Cure




Heal-n-Soothe™ is a combination of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients known to man... and have been scientifically proven to work. And unlike NSAID's, there are no dangerous side effects...
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Fibromyalgia and Pain Inflammation Relief - powerful natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients



Nubax® Trio

Nubax® Trio The Nubax Trio is an excellent way to decompress the spine and is a great alternative to using an inversion table. Order yours today and see just how effective this simple little device can be...
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Nubax Trio Back Treatment Therapy



Natural Sleep Aid

Get a great night's sleep NATURALLY with a FREE 30-Day Supply of Sleepzyme. Fall asleep easier, faster and wake up feeling great with this special blend of sleep-enzymes.

"The best sleep I've had in over 7-years!"
Esther P, Brooklyn, NY

"This is like a miracle!"
Judy Rose, Norfolk, VA

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Natural Sleep Aid

Try a 30-Day supply of Sleepzyme®...for FREE



Mattresses, Toppers and Pillows

As you probably know, the "wrong" mattress can put you in a world of hurt when you dealing with beck, neck or sciatic pain. After years of research and testing, here are the mattresses, toppers and pillows that we and our customers have found to be the best.
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Far Infrared Heating Pad

Now you can finally find relief from joint and muscle discomfort, and even chronic pain, thanks to a breakthrough that puts you back "in the game" today, tomorrow, and for years to come - without dangerous prescription drugs, electrical stimulation...
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Heating Pad - Healing Heating Pad



FreedomBack Back Support Pillow

Heating Pad - Healing Heating Pad

The Freedom Back is the "Cadillac" of back support pillows designed to fit the shape of your whole back from your upper back all the way down to your hips. This is the easiest way to ease back-pain while sitting and sit with perfect posture (even when you're not thinking about it). Sitting down will never put unnecessary pressure on your spine and back again. You'll also love the soothing BUILT-IN MASSAGE (it really feels fantastic).
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