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Sitting on the Job? It May Be Ruining Your Back!

By Steve Hefferon, CMT, PTA


How bad can sitting at the office or in a car or truck all day really be? Well... it can cause several structural imbalances in your body which can actually be the cause of back, neck and shoulder pain.

Yes, we Americans have found ourselves in a day-to-day work and life environment where we sit, sit, sit. We sit at work, in the car, on the couch, at the table, on a park bench. And all this sitting has not only caused a decrease in healthy physical activity, it has led to weight gain and yes, chronic back pain.

Below is a list of the numerous physical conditions that develop over time from prolonged sitting, and what you can do to minimize the effects.

1.The longer you sit the more likely your pelvis will flare, meaning it can rotate outward, inward, backward or downward. And it can happen on one or both sides. Even worse, you can develop a combination of these incorrect positions. For example, you can have one side rotated forward, outward and high, while the other side rotated backward, inward and low.

2.The longer you sit the more likely your glutes will flatten. This means they will weaken, as lack of use "shuts them down."

3.The longer you sit the tighter and more dominant your hip flexors will become in order to stabilize your pelvis. What happens is that your hip flexors will inhibit your glutes from working. That's right: your hip flexors will "turn off" your glutes and the only way to get them going again is to minimize the sitting to restore physical balance...

This is a good time to give you a quick test. Do it slowly and in control as this may not be for everyone. So do it at your own pace and risk. If you have had a THR, DO NOT perform this activity.

Begin by putting your heels together. Rotate your feet outward like a duck and then squeeze your butt. You should notice a very strong contraction. Relax. Now rotate your toes inward so that your toes are touching and your heals are rotated out as far as they can go. Now squeeze your butt. You will note much less of a contraction. That inability to squeeze your glutes is proof that your glutes are inhibited or "turned off" and a sure sign that you need to get your butt stronger...

Please feel free to do 10 to 20 of these toe-in glute squeezes per hour every day, to keep your glutes working.

4.The last major effect of siting is that your pelvis will tend to tip backwards. This puts undo stress on your pelvis, SI Joint, and your entire spine. It is virtually impossible to keep your pelvis in a neutral position for an entire workday, so at some point during the day you lose it and when you multiply that by 20 to 30 years... you have a life time of back related issues, unless addressed...

Action Steps to minimize the effects of sitting at work...

When the phone rings, stand up... If you do not need to be typing, get out of the sitting position for 5 to 10 minutes and you will give your body a great break. In fact, talking on the phone is a great time to do the toe-in glute squeezes. How many can you do in a 10 minute call?

Change sitting positions... I personally have four different settings for my desk. I sit in my chair, I have a kneeling chair, I sit on a therapy ball (size 75cm) and I kneel on a foam pad that puts my pelvis straight and at just the right height. Now I do not use all of them everyday but rather rotate them on different days.

Use Trigger Point work to release your hip flexors... The best why to do this is to seek a massage therapist; however you can use a foam roller, as well as other trigger point devices on the market, such as out Trigger Point Therapy kit...

Learn about and study about Muscle Imbalances... There is nothing more important then keeping your pelvis and spine in the most neutral and most stable positions possible. I have written extensively about the subject and have dedicated my life to teaching it to people all over the world...

Now that you know the ill effects of sitting all day, and what to do to correct the imbalances from it...Don't wait 20 or 30 years to make a change that you can do right now...


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