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If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or both, I'd like to send you a FREE bottle of our natural, and extremely effective sleep aid, Sleepzyme®.


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Sounds crazy I know, but the fact is, I know that once you try it you'll just love the way it works. Here's why:

  • You'll find falling asleep is easier

  • You'll achieve a much deeper and more restful sleep

  • You'll wake up feeling great and full of energy

Sleepzyme® - The Most Powerful, Natural Sleep Aid.

Unlike most natural sleep aids that only have one or two ingredients that help to improve sleep, our formula includes seven! But more importantly, Sleepzyme® includes a special blend of enzymes that are designed specifically to breakdown the ingredients so your body can utilize more of them and faster.


And, each of the ingredients in this formula have been proven to be safe and effective at improving sleep. In fact, people throughout the world have been using them for thousands of years.


But our research has found that together with the enzymes, they work synergistically to provide even better results. And unlike prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids, Sleepzyme® works without the dangerous and harmful side effects and is NOT addictive.

Here are the ingredients along with a brief explanation of how they work and why they were included in this formula. I've also included a copy of the "supplement facts" label so you can exactly what's in the product.

Our natural sleep improving formula includes:


Melatonin  - a hormonal substance produced by the pineal gland that regulates the body's circadian rhythms, which regulate our sleep cycles. Since our melatonin levels decrease as we age, it's no wonder melatonin has proven in so many studies to be effective at improving sleep..


Hops Flower -  has a long history of use as a digestive aid, infection fighter, sedative, and menstrual promoter. Studies have shown that hops help to support normal sleep patterns.


Passionflower - has been consumed since the time of the Incas as a soothing tea and to treat bruises. Europeans adopted the herb as a sleep aid and digestive aid. Evidence suggests that passionflower may be a useful supplement to promote healthy sleep patterns.

Unlike other sleep aids, we show you exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product.


Valerian - is a root powder that has been traditional used as a sleep and relaxation aid. Scientific evidence suggests that valerian may improve the quality of sleep and help to reduce the time needed to fall asleep when taken nightly.


Lemon Balm - used since the Middle Ages, lemon balm has been used as a tranquilizer, sleep aid and to treat inflammation, headache and assorted infections. Studies have shown that when consumed with other calming herbs like Hops and Passionflower, individuals reported significant improvements in their sleep as compared to the placebo group.


Inositol - is a sugar alcohol that plays an essential role in phospholipids and recent scientific research suggests that inositol helps establish healthy cell membranes, which facilitate nerve impulses and can help support normal sleep patterns.


e-d-s enzyme blend - a special blend of enzymes called eds, which stands for enzyme delivery system, work to breakdown the ingredients so more of the ingredients are absorbed and utilized. This results in far better results than other natural sleep aids and delivers improvements faster.


Also, it's important to note that many other sleep aids include lots of worthless filler like silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide. Plus, according to the Merck Medical Index, there are even negative health effects from these ingredients.

But Buyer Beware...

But it's important to note that not all natural sleep aids are created equally. One thing that you'll often see is a product that won't list the specific amounts of each ingredient· they call it a "proprietary formula" and the reason companies do this is so they can use a bunch of filler and have very small amounts of the active ingredients.


You can see improvement the very first day!


Many people using Sleepzyme® have been reporting significant improvement in their sleep the very first day!


While we of course can't guarantee that you will see results that fast, the fact is, these ingredients have been proven to be effective and they begin working right away.


So will  Sleepzyme® work for everyone?


Of course not, anyone who tries to tell you there product is going to work for everyone is not be honest. But I can say that the results people are reporting are very promising.


In fact, we are getting reports from people who have had to rely on powerful sleep drugs for years that are now sleeping better than they were with the drugs.

"The Best Sleep I've Had
in Over 7 Years!"

"I've struggled with sleep for over seven years now and I ad gotten to the point where I thought that I'd never sleep normally again. I was so frustrated that I had serious doubts that your product would do anything for me. All I can say is I'm so glad I decided to give it a shot because I have not slept this well in years. Thanks again!"

Esther P - Brooklyn, New York


Now it's important to note that there is a big difference in the way a sleep drug and Sleepzyme® work.

While the drug will just overpower your system, the ingredients in our formula work with your body to get your sleep cycle back on track and not only will it help you have an easier time falling asleep, but it will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping less but feeling better???


In fact, many people are surprised when they don't sleep that much longer but wake up feeling so much better. The reason is, when you take Sleepzyme® you'll end up spending more time in deep sleep, which is where your body really recovers and rebuilds, and therefore some people will find they don't need as much sleep as they did before.

Are there any side effects?


Not really. The only side effects that have been reported have been light grogginess but this tends to occur when the supplement is taken too late in the evening and not enough time for sleep has been allowed. For example, you don't want to take it at midnight if you have to get up at 5am. While you may not sleep this long, you need to allow at least 6-8 hours of possible sleep time.


Another side effect, which isn't necessarily a negative one is enhanced dream activity. Because you will spend more time in deep sleep, you may experience more dreams then you currently do. Again, not a bad thing. In fact, most people enjoy it and talk about how much they missed having dreams.

But will it work for me?

Maybe you have doubts that a natural sleep aid can really improve your sleep. Or maybe you've tried another formula that just didn't work for you. Well, all I ask is that you give Sleepzyme® a chance to demonstrate what the right formula can do for you.


And I'm so sure that it'll help you that I'm willing to give a full, 30 day supply for FREE! This way you can see if this is right for you or not... if you are one of the very few who don't see improvement, you're out nothing.

Don't take my word for it...
Try it for FREE and you be the judge!

I know you're going to love how Sleepzyme® will help you to not only fall asleep easier, but also stay asleep longer and wake up feeling better.

"Sleeping Less But
Waking Up Energized!"

"This is like a miracle... I am sleeping less than I was before but I actually wake up feeling energized."

Judy Ross, 45 years old,
Norfolk, Virginia


"I Haven't Had Dreams Like This Since I Was a Child"

"I had heard that natural sleep supplements stimulated dreams but I haven't had dreams like this since I was a child!"

Richard H, 62 years old,
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Give Sleepzyme® a try and let it work for you. There's absolutely no risk in giving this formula a chance to work for you. You won't find a better product or offer anywhere!


I urge you to give Sleepzyme® a shot. You can try a 60 count bottle, a 30 day supply now for only $29 FREE!



But there's one small catch... you have to agree to provide us with feedback on your experience using the product and if it works well for you, to allow us to share your success story with others. That's fair, isn't it?


So go ahead, fill out the secure online order form below now... or you can call in your order and talk to a live person, 24 hours day by calling us toll-free 800-216-4908 (international customers please call 306-564-2189)




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Dear South African Customers...

South African Customers: Due to new South African regulatory issues...we are not able to ship ANY of our Supplement products, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Warning: Individuals taking (MAOIs), seizure medications or prescription anti-depressants, women who are pregnant/lactating should not take Sleepzyme® or any products containing Melatonin. For all other medications you will need to consult with your healthcare provider. *

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