Starbucks Fails Yoga

Have you ever seen that funny yoga commercial from Starbucks? Actually it’s a commercial for its lesser known coffee brand SBC… Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Anyhow, it shows this lady doing yoga exercises when suddenly a male barista appears directly under her mat to offer her an iced coffee… mid-workout.

But what am I telling you for? Here… watch for yourself.

So what did you think? I thought it was pretty creative myself. And for those who enjoy iced coffee for a quick pick-me-up, it might just hit the spot when you’re hot, tired and thirsty.

Just one little problem. Caffeine is murder on flexibility.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead, ask my friend and internationally-recognized yoga instructor Lucas Rockwood. Not only was he a hard-core coffee addict… he actually helped feed his habit by working at Starbucks!

Lucas tells you all about coffee and flexibility as one of the seven secrets found in his free mini-course, 7 Secrets of Nutrition & Flexibility.

Coming from a guy who routinely helps his students double their flexibility in just 28 days, you can count on him to know what he’s talking about.

So whether you’re trying to master yoga like Lucas, or would simply like to tie your shoes without grunting and groaning, you’ll be sure to find these secrets enlightening. Namaste.

Yoga Knot

Flexibility Secrets Revealed

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Written By: January 17,2011

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