Stretches for lower back pain

Lower back pain can come from many different causes and can be experienced as acute back pain (pain that has recently occurred) or chronic back pain (long lasting back pain). But did you know that the two most common causes of lower back pain are trauma or injury and muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances in the body can cause poor posture and lead to something we call “postural dysfunctions”. These dysfunctions add stress and strain to the body which can wear and tear the discs in the spine. The good news is, is that most lower back pain can be treated and relieved by performing specific, targeted stretches.

It’s important to remember, that barring trauma, lower back pain does not occur overnight, nor will not be eliminated overnight.

Specific stretches for lower back pain

We all know and have experienced what a good stretch feels like. For a lot of us, it’s the first thing we do when we wake up and before we get out of bed. A nice deep full body stretch can be just the thing we need to start our day. Since lower back pain can come from various conditions affecting both the muscles and the spine, it is important to get into a daily stretching routine. While these stretches are not a cure for lower back pain, they will target the postural dysfunctions you may have (caused by muscle imbalances), and help restore balance in your body which can ultimately lead to pain relief.

While there are various stretches for lower back pain depending on the type of condition you may have, one stretch in particular that I’m going to describe, can offer almost instantaneous temporary relief for most lower back pain. Most people who suffer with lower back pain have an imbalance of the muscles in the hips and the muscles in the glutes. The hip muscles are typically tight while the glutes are weak and stretched out. As the imbalance gets worse, it begins to pull on the pelvis which in turn puts a strain on the spine and muscles in the back. An excessive curve in the spine can then appear. In order to relieve some of the tightness, all you need to do is to stretch out the tight hip muscles. But remember, this is not a cure for lower back pain. You will need to educate yourself on the specific postural dysfunction you may have.

To being the stretch, slowly drop down to one knee on the floor. Place one knee on the ground and put your other foot forward supporting your body. Make sure to tip your pelvis back into your spine, and then lean forward into the stretch. You will begin to feel the stretch throughout your hip. To view a video of this specific stretch, please visit:


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