Too Much Calcium!

Too Much Calcium“Drink your milk”… “it does a body good”…. “you need to get your calcium”…

You’ve heard these all before, maybe even said it to your children, family or friends… but guess what, it’s all WRONG!

Yes, wrong and more and more research is finally exposing the “Calcium Lie”…

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Listen to this special interview I did recently with Dr. Robert Thompson about the dangers and side effects of too much calcium. I think you are going to find this to be extremely informative… maybe some of it down right shocking!

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10 thoughts on “Too Much Calcium!”

  1. So what did you think of the interview? Learn anything new?

  2. Elizabeth Heslep says:

    Interesting and complex , where does one find a doc locally who is up on this protocol??

  3. Elizabeth Heslep says:

    Where does one find a source true vitamin C, 100%whole food sourced supplement, etc without the “chemical” content? Is the juicer sold at Costco acceptable or preferred way to accomplish the desired results?

  4. Jesse Cannone says:

    Great questions Elizabeth…

    First, finding a great doc like Dr. Thompson can be very challenging but it can often be done…

    Starting by searching the web for terms like: “natural doctor yourtown yourstate”

    Ask around… you never know who you already know that might have a great doc.

    Try searching directories like:

    and others like those above.

    As far as the whole foods based vitamins, there are several companies that produce them…

    Try searching for “whole food vitamin” in google.

    A juicer can help but many of them have you discard the fiber and pulp which contains much of the vitamins… you may want to consider a “Vitamix” blender… that’s what my family is now using and it’s excellent.

  5. jcfit says:

    I’m posting this again because it seems my first post failed…

    It can be difficult to find a great doctor but it can be done. Try searching for “natural doctor your town and state”.

    You may also trying using some of the directories like: naturopathic.org or acamnet.org

    As far as the “whole food” based supplements, there are several places you can find them but I highly doubt it will be at a discount store like Costco.

    Search online for “whole food based vitamins” and in the coming weeks we will publish a “vitamins buyers guide” so keep your eyes peeled for that.

  6. shawn says:

    Looking for a place to have the trace mineral test done.Can you tell me the best place? I couldnt catch it on the interview

  7. Admin says:

    Hi Shawn,

    We would suggest that you contact your local Physician or Osteopathic Doctor and they should be able to help you.

    Thank you

  8. John Doyle says:

    Very interesting. My problem here in Aus is that the test measurements for calcium etc are not the same as in the US. So, for example my calcium test said for me 2.27 mmol/L [ and the ref. interval is 2.10 – 2.60]. What are your measuring units?

    Also, there was no discussion of the calcium – magnesium ratio.
    I read that as growing up occurs in our youth the ratio should be dominated by calcium, but as we age the ratio should change to a magnesium dominant one. Calcium hardens the arteries but magnesium softens them [and myriad other benefits]. Yes?

  9. Gloria Hostetler says:

    Boy, did I love hearing Dr Thompsons audio!!!!! I am going to get his book asap. I hope his book gives more specific info on what to get for the C-Complex deficiency etc. I am an old nurse, I have been trying to research the best nutrition for myself and others for years, he is so on the mark in my opinion, a genuine breath of fresh air. I recently got an alkaline water machine and have been helped enormously with this water. A friend told me about Dr Barefoots’ Calcium Factor?? I bought some of his product, now I am leary of using it….help…Is this a good mineral product or is it too much calcium?? He claims to be on the outside of the medical community, I have to say, I am getting more and more discouraged and I am hoping that from today I can get clearer I have been buying this and that for so long and I know I am not alone, but I am going broke trying to find my way. Thank you for bringing this my way, I am sooo grateful for some beginning clarity.

  10. alkaline water says:

    My aunt recommended converting too alkaline water instead of regular water. Something aboutalkalizing or something like that is supposed to alot healthier for you.

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