The Truth About Your Back Pain

Sometimes the truth hurts.

And sometimes it takes a child to really tell it like it is.

Maybe that’s why it seems so funny when a child just says what’s really on his mind…

Adults, on the other hand, like to shade the truth just a bit.

Maybe you’ve colored the truth a bit yourself when it comes to your back pain. Do any of these statements sound like they came from you?

You say: I need to take a pain pill.
Truth: I don’t feel like taking responsibility for fixing what’s causing my back pain, so I’ll just cover up the pain again.

You say: I don’t have time to do these stretches.
Truth: I know the stretches could help my back pain, but I’m too lazy to spend any time doing them.

You say: I know I should eat right but I don’t think it will help my back pain.
Truth: Changing what I eat might help my back pain, but I’d rather just keep eating what I always have.

You say: I’d like to try whatever back pain treatment, but it’s too expensive.
Truth: I’d like to try whatever back pain treatment, but it’s not worth the investment to end my back pain.

If any of these statements made you say “ouch” or even get angry, then consider the possibility that all we’ve done here is pull the covers off what you’re really saying inside.

Instead of getting angry, why not make a change? It’s your back pain after all… and the truth is the truth.


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