Will Back Pain Sideline Ellen Degeneres?

The busy comedian – who has her own TV show, is on the cover of Oprah’s magazine and now a judge on ‘American Idol’ – must treat her muscle imbalances, back pain expert says.

Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres recently reported another back pain flare-up. Over the years, DeGeneres has suffered many bouts of back pain. In 2007, she even hosted her show from a hospital bed, explaining that she tore a ligament while picking up her dog.

Whether from a minor car crash or day-to-day movements, the some-time host of the Emmys or Academy Awards and now judge on “American Idol” lives with a chronic back condition she is not quite completely treating, says back pain specialist Jesse Cannone, co-founder of the Healthy Back Institute in suburban Washington, D.C.

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1 thought on “Will Back Pain Sideline Ellen Degeneres?”

  1. Jeanie Hawk says:

    I know about that back ,neck and arms pain. I would like to take my shoulders off at night and hang them on the wall!, bulging discs in back,bones spurs in 2nd & 3rd vertebrates which pinches nerves to arms . I refused to ever take pain killers again. Ice and heating pad.Use icey hot only a dab it will burn. Do not use icey hot with heat or ice. If a pill makes your tummy sick and or throw up try eating a teaspoon of grape jelly with in 20 mins you should start feeling better. I call it God,s Grapes. It’s Not the sugar. Its the grapes.we use sugar free. Cause of diebetes. You keep on making me laugh. Laughing feels good. Sincerely, J. Hawk.

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