8 Arthritis Myths Debunked

Enjoy this special condensed report from Dr. Mark Wiley, excerpted from his book Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis.

For any wellness action plan to work there must be a clear understanding of the various aspects involved. The puzzle pieces must be identified before steps can be taken to piece them together. This all begins with clearing up the myths and setting forth the facts of the situation.

I wish to present you with some of the most common myths surrounding arthritis. Please take the time to read and consider each myth. For those myths you believe, try instead turning your mind toward understanding and then believing the facts.

Myth #1: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA) are the Same

There are over 100 different types of arthritis; the three most common being osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and juvenile arthritis (JA). While RA and JA are diseases, osteoarthritis (OA) is not a disease at all. It is a symptom of joint degeneration. OA is the result of any combination of several external factors, including traumatic physical injury and excessive sports or physical activities over the course of decades. This causes wear-and-tear of the joints, the cartilage separating the joints, and the surrounding tissues.

Most people with arthritis have OA and only 1 percent have RA. So, you likely don’t actually have a disease, but have symptoms that are quite manageable with natural, non-invasive approaches!

Myth #2: Arthritis Is a Normal Part of Aging and Only Affects the Elderly

Since there are plenty of elderly afflicted with arthritic conditions, it is understandable how this myth has formed and taken hold. However, arthritis is NOT a normal part of the aging process.

OA is a result of joint wear and tear based on injury and/or overuse. It can come on at any time–or not at all. By keeping the immune system strong and stable, eating right, exercising right and taking care of bone and joint health, the onset and debilitating effects of arthritis need not be part of your aging process.

When you find you have the condition you can stop it and reduce or even reverse its symptoms!

Myth #3: If You Don’t Look “Sick,” You Don’t have RA

Even when people do not have the visible outward signs of RA, such as red swollen joints and misshapen fingers, they can still suffer symptoms like joint pain, fatigue and a general sense of feeling unwell. RA is an autoimmune disease and can be active before visible signs of it manifest.

The best way to know if you have or are at risk for RA is to speak to your primary care physician, look into family history and do some blood work.

Myth #4: If You Have Arthritis, You Should Not Exercise

This is a myth most believed by those suffering the symptoms of arthritic pain and inflammation. Decades ago patients were told not to exercise because it would rub the joints and make things worse. This is incorrect. While it is true that depending on your arthritis type and conditions certain exercises should be avoided, this is not a blanket statement about all forms of exercise.

The fact is, a certain amount of exercise can greatly reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) advocates exercises to help keep your muscles strong and your joints flexible.

Find some helpful tips to exercise for joint pain

Myth #5: Different Climates Have No Effect on Arthritis

The National Institutes of Health accurately note there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that cold weather or environments cause arthritis or alter its course, or that warm weather can reverse or cure arthritis. Yet both cold and warm weather can affect arthritis in negative or positive ways.

Cold weather constricts muscles, tendons and blood vessels, causing constriction around the joints, leading to pain and limited range of motion. Heat allows muscles to expand and blood to flow, relieving compression around joints and moving fresh blood to the area, which reduces pain and stiffness.

Learn more about a great heat treatment

Myth #6: Arthritis Will Lead to Disability, Wheelchair, Nursing Home

This one is formed and held in place by our individual belief systems. As a result of our history of poor arthritis diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods, many who contracted arthritis did end up with a walker or in a wheelchair and living in assisted environments. Seeing them today can make one think the same will happen to you. However, what used to be fact is now fiction.

With information on diet, supplementation and with aided therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, quantum touch and others, there are many restorative options available to halt its progression and prevent it. Taking the necessary steps mean this old myth is no longer valid today!

Read how you can beat arthritis

Myth #7: Arthritis Sufferers Have To Live In Pain

This is a huge myth that is widely believed because many arthritis sufferers do live in pain, with daily stiffness and inflammation. They are suffering greatly, yet needlessly, because they don’t know all the parts of the arthritis puzzle.

Engaging in mind/body exercises to reduce stress, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, stretching, exercising, taking proper supplementation, using therapeutic creams and seeing practitioners for complementary wellness visits, you can greatly reduce, if not completely remove, the daily throbbing pain of arthritis.

Myth #8: Arthritis Can’t Be Reversed

It is easy to see why people think this, and thus how the myth started, but it simply is untrue. You see, many of the “common beliefs” about arthritis are derived from a Western medical point of view. This view believes nothing can be done to reverse damage, and so patients need to manage their condition as best they can. However, traditional and holistic medicines have natural methods for increasing bone density, rebuilding bone and regenerating soft tissue.

In other words, a natural approach to reversing damage done by arthritis based on using supplements, topical creams and energy medicine is available to you today. And, in fact, you can Reverse Arthritis when you know how.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTPain Relief Expert, Post Rehab Specialist.

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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10 thoughts on “8 Arthritis Myths Debunked”

  1. Art Segal says:

    I watched my grandfather die horribly from Osteoarthritis in 1945. He was crippled with it as long as I knew him. I was only thirteen at the time and loved him deeply. What did I learn? I learned to fear the disease much more than an other I was aware of.

  2. Hans Quistorff, LMP says:

    Received your new book. It is a great reference for my clients. Keep up your good work and great products.

  3. Paul Puyat says:

    I received your new book. Thank you so much. Though I’m not suffering with arthritis, my mom now at 83 is suffering joint paints if she can’t do her routine exercise of brisk walking, caring the garden and planting green leafy vege which is a part of our daily diet. Your book will help us a lot.

  4. miriam says:

    I am 52yrs old and sprained my left knee when I was 14. I stayed in hospital and went back to school with a bandage. It healed and over the years the knee has grown stiffer than the other. Is that arthritis?

  5. Steve says:


    There is no way for me to now if you have arthritis but the way we look at your condition is that you have imbalances, in your physical body, Nutrition as well as your how you look at your current condition of the mental aspect of how conditions develop and for that matter how they heal…

    I highly suggest that you grab a copy of our new book Arthritis Reversed, it not only talks about Arthritis but also give specific information on how to balance Mind Body and Diet…

  6. Fiona says:

    Whilst I agree that bone density can be improved, I don’t feel much can be done to improve severe osteoarthritis. I have taken copious amounts of fish oil, glucosamine and chrondroitin etc etc over the years and applied topical ointments to no great avail. My hips were worn out and I needed replacements. I do agree that keeping moving is the key to less pain but can be very difficult to do when one is in a lot of pain. Take heart people and try to stay active. I am able to do all the activities and exercise I love. An alkaline diet helps also.

  7. ana-maria says:

    Is there a chance to imptove my ankle arthritis?

  8. Steve says:


    Of course there is a chance to improve your body and improve any body segment that has Arthritis, I would suggest to you go get you self a copy of Arthritis Reversed:

    In the book you will find a comprehensive plan for virtually all aspects of your life in-order to manage you Arthritis…


  9. Maree Corrigan says:

    Is there anything for Rheumatoid Arthritis ? my father & sister have it

  10. Admin says:

    Hi Maree,

    We would suggest that you get a copy of the book Arthritis Reversed. It has a plan for many aspects of life to help manage arthritis.


    Thank you

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