The Scale of the Universe(Very COOL & Educational…Try It Now!)

How big are the biggest things in our universe? How small are the smallest things? And what about those things in between... like humans? You've simply got to click below to TRY this very cool, very interesting tool. Just slide the bar left or right or left ..and click on anything you want to enlarge or get more information … Read More

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The 5 Myths of Pilates: Great Exercise or Hyped-up Trend?

The Top 5 Myths of Pilates by Darlene Nicholson, CFT 1. Pilates is only for women. WRONG! Though it is quite popular amongst women, many males also practice Pilates. Even professional athletes have used Pilates to achieve results that other types of exercise have failed to deliver.  In fact, Pilates was developed by man … Read More

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9 Amazing Benefits of Cloves (STOP Pain, Prevent Cancer & More!)

From Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic to Super-Antioxidant When people think cloves they're often thinking about garlic cloves. Well just like garlic, the health benefits of cloves have been known for a very long time -- dating back more than 2,000 years -- and are pretty amazing in their own right (and cloves smell much ni … Read More

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10 Most Famous Americans Who Survived Cancer

There are nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the United States, each with their own story of courage and triumph. Most of these people are moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends...people just like you and I. Some of these survivors just happen to also be famous, which makes their stories no more import … Read More

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How to Live to 100: The 10 Key Questions to Answer Now

So you want to live to the ripe old age of 100? Or you at least want to live a VIBRANT life as long as possible? Centenarians -- people who are 100 or over -- are indeed a rare breed, making up just 1 out of every 6,000 people in the United States (and 85 percent of the time, they’re women). But this is a dramatic increase … Read More

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The 9 TIMELESS Secrets of Being Happy

Whether you're seeking to improve your health, wealth, career, relationships or quality of life... or you're seeking to overcome barriers to these goals like pain, disease, weight issues, anxiety or other emotional blocks... you're ULTIMATELY seeking greater happiness... Well Brian Vaszily -- a #1 bestselling author, founde … Read More

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7 Reasons Women Lose Sexual Desire

Did you know that for every additional month a woman is in a relationship, her sexual desire decreases by an average of .02 percent?[i] It’s a small drop, but over time it adds up, especially since the man’s sexual desire usually holds steady — presenting a conundrum that seems to be the result of an evolutionary miscalcu … Read More

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5 Crucial Steps to Prevent Back Pain in Children

Back pain is surprisingly common in children, with studies showing it impacts anywhere from 18 percent to 58 percent of youth. Kids these days engage in many "adult” activities — sitting for long periods, playing sports and carrying heavy loads. These are the same activities that often lead to back pain in adults … and your … Read More

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10 American Cities with the Most TOXIC Tap Water

When you turn on the tap for water, like most people you probably assume the water that comes out is pure. Or, even if you know it’s not as clean as fresh water from an uninhabited mountain spring … you at least assume it’s safe. But the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has analyzed nearly 20 million records of water utili … Read More

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