How a Famous Bullfighter Finally Defeated Joint Pain

Alejandro Silveti

Since we started this business over 12 years ago, we've been passionately determined in our mission... To put a real end to your pain with the safest and most powerful non-drug, non-surgery approaches available. We've grown into one of the most trusted, successful and respected health organizations because we've stuck … Read More

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The 7 Golden Keys to Living Longer … and Living Well!

keys to living longer

When Americans were asked by the Pew Research Center whether they would like to live decades longer, to at least 120 years old, the majority said they, personally, would not.[i] Yet, when asked how long they’d like to live, 69 percent cited an age between 79 and 100. The median “ideal” life span was 90 years old … which i … Read More

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Do Your Breasts Hurt When Exercising?

do your breasts make it harder to exercise

It can be hard to find the time and motivation to fit in regular workouts, but 17 percent of women say they’ve skipped workouts because of a perhaps lesser-known reason -- their breasts.[i] Breasts were actually the fourth greatest barrier to physical activity uncovered by researchers in a study published in the Journal o … Read More

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7 Unhealthiest Candies (and 4 Healthier Alternatives)

Starting with Halloween and straight on through the holidays to the end of the year, we're in the "sweet season" … complete with its peppermint bark, chocolates, and candy canes (1.8 billion candy canes are made each season).[i] Then, once this season’s sweets are behind us, up comes Valentine’s Day … then Easter (Easter … Read More

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Is Antiperspirant Dangerous? (Plus the surprising time “experts” say to apply it.)

is antiperspirant dangerous

Any time you apply a chemical substance to your body, be it hand lotion, shaving cream or underarm antiperspirant, you run the risk of exposure to potentially harmful toxins. In the case of antiperspirant, one of the main “chemicals” of concern is aluminum (which is actually a heavy metal, not a chemical). Aluminum is the … Read More

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His Back Was “Twisted Like a Pretzel”

The hands-down most rewarding aspect of working here at The Healthy Back Institute is that we're making a positive difference in so many peoples' lives ... an extremely positive difference, in fact, because to take so many people from a "high" level of pain to a "low" to "non-existent" level of pain is as extremely positive … Read More

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How Calcium Makes Your Skin Look OLDER

calcium ages skin

Did you know excess calcium in your diet promotes wrinkles and sagging skin, making you appear older than you actually are? It’s true... it's actually as bad for your skin as too much sun, too much smoking, and too much sugar! Yes, you can reverse this backward trend... and look many years younger in the process. B … Read More

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How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

how often should you replace your pillow

America has very much become a “throwaway” society, but there’s one area where we may be holding on to an item for too long … our pillows. Most people use the same pillow for more than three years, according to a study by Ergoflex UK.[i] For some, it becomes like a security blanket, something you can’t possibly imagine sleep … Read More

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“Should I Get Back Surgery?” – What You Need to Consider FIRST

"Should I get back surgery?" Over the years here at The Healthy Back Institute it's easily one of the questions we've heard most. However, another extremely common question we've heard is, "I've had back surgery but it didn't really help... is there anything else I can do?" And unfortunately, another common question … Read More

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