Do You Feel Sick Or Wake Up At the Same Time Every Single Day? Chinese Medicine Has The Answer

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Do you ever wonder why you feel different emotions from one moment to the next?

Do you ever find yourself waking up at the exact same time every single night… unable to get back to sleep no matter what you do?

It’s frustrating. And I’ve been there. Unfortunately, most MDs just prescribe pills to take care of emotional and sleeping issues.

But Traditional Chinese Medicine uncovered a better, more effective, and SAFER answer:

They discovered that your body has it’s own “organ clock.”

It’s literally called the Chinese Organ Clock.

How does it work?

It works similar to your body’s natural biorhythms. It regulates the energy meridians linked to your organs.

You see, every organ has a specific time of day when it repairs itself in order to keep functioning properly. And health experts say this repair process can cause temporary emotional changes, physical distress, and can even jolt you awake in the middle of the night.

Luckily, just by checking this “time table” below, you can address whatever the issue is, optimize your body’s repair process, and lessen the negative effects during this vital process.

Lungs — 3am – 5am

In these early morning hours, your lungs are attempting to repair themselves. You might feel a little bit of extra phlegm or mucus. If you’re awake, try drinking a glass of water, as well as a few gentle breathing exercises to bring extra oxygen and blood to help speed up the repair process. The lungs at this moment are also tied to grief and sadness.

Large Intestine — 5am – 7am

Chinese Medicine Organ ClockMost people — including our ancient ancestors — tend to wake up between 5am and 7am.

So, it might come as no surprise that this is the time of the large intestine.

This is a good time to pass your morning bowel movement. This will flush out toxins that were sitting in your colon overnight.

In addition, always drink a nice, tall 8oz glass of water to provide hydration throughout your body. Rehydrating is a good way to help your body get the hydration it needs to prepare for the day.

Many people tend to feel emotions of defensiveness, guilt, or frustration at this time.

Stomach — 7am – 9am

Is your tummy growling around this time?

That’s because your stomach is begging for nutrients.

This is a great time to eat a warm, hearty breakfast to help get your digestive system moving along properly. Disgust and despair are two common emotions at this time of the morning.

Spleen — 9am – 11am

Your body begins to release enzymes that help digest your breakfast and provide energy for the long day ahead.

This is a good time to knock out your most difficult/pressing to-do items, as you’ll tend to be very productive and full of positive energy at this time of day.

Heart — 11am – 1pm

Your ticker starts to work in overtime, pumping nutrients to the heart and throughout your body.

Many people feel very talkative around this time. This is a good time for a bit of lunch, as your body will need the extra nutrients.

The good news?

Many people feel extreme amounts of joy and happiness in this time period.

Small Intestines — 1pm – 3pm

You might feel a bit “lighter” as the two meals from earlier in the day start to digest and make their way down your digestive tract to the small intestine.

You might also feel that after-lunch “coma” as your body works to absorb and digest nutrients.

If you can swing it, a bit of exercise around this time — once your food has digested — can go a long way and help you feel better and give you energy to get through the rest of your day.

You might also feel insecure or sense feelings of abandonment.

Bladder — 3pm – 5pm

You can think of this two hour stretch as “detox time” as your metabolic wastes from previously ingested nutrients starts to move down to your kidneys.

You’ll begin to pee away excess waste. Therefore, this is a great time to rehydrate with a cup or tea or more water. You may start to feel more tired, or irritated around this time.

Kidneys — 5pm – 7pm

This time of day can be hit or miss for many folks. You’ll likely feel a surge of energy… IF your kidneys are working properly. If not, you might start to feel a bit rundown.

During this two hour period, blood filters through the kidneys.

This is a good time to have dinner and replenish your body’s nutrients as your kidneys are working overtime.

Unfortunately, thoughts of terror or fear can arise in this time frame.

Circulation — 7pm – 9pm

This is where your blood circulation REALLY cranks up. This sends a flood of nutrients throughout your system. This is ultimate repair time. You’ll start to feel very tired as your body prepares to “turn off” for the day.

You may even need a late evening nap before you end up drifting off to a longer sleep a few hours later.

You might feel joy, stress, or perhaps be completely without emotions at all.

Endocrine System — 9pm – 11pm

Your blood vessels and endocrine system are now going into heavy repair mode. This is the perfect time to relax, lay down, drift off to sleep, and let your body’s repair systems due their job.

Gallbladder — 11pm – 1am

I highly recommend being relaxed and resting in bed at this point in time. Your body is releasing even more waste and junk from throughout the day. You may feel bitterness or resentment if you’re unable to sleep.

Liver — 1am – 3am

You should be sound asleep by now. Your body’s natural detox system has fully kicked in. Unfortunately, many people find themselves staring at the ceiling around this time.

The reason? Likely a problem with your liver’s detoxification mechanism.

This is the time where some of our ugliest emotions can rear their head — including anger, rage and frustration.

There are a few things you can do if you constantly wake up around this time (or any other time).

1) Make sure you’re providing your body with the proper nutrition. Preferably, a nutrition plan full of anti-inflammatory superfoods

2) Exercise, exercise, exercise! Even if it’s just a short walk, this can help your system’s repair processes work better.

3) Provide your body with the proper vitamins and minerals to help SPEED UP the repair process and put you to sleep like a baby riding in the car.

SleepzymeYou’ll want to avoid synthetic drugs, as those can just cause more problems in the long-term.

However, there are 10 natural sleep aids that come from Mother Nature that work like gangbusters for helping you achieve a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep so you can wake up with more energy.

All 10 of these miracle sleep herbs can be found in my best-selling sleep supplement — Sleepzyme.

Click here to learn more about those anxiety-reducing, sleep-inducing herbs.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTPain Relief Expert, Post Rehab Specialist.

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Sick Or Wake Up At the Same Time Every Single Day? Chinese Medicine Has The Answer”

  1. josephine seema says:

    mine its a different story Jesse. According to MRI: spine:degenerative changes, L5/SI-DISK herniation spondylolisthesis. treatment: gabapentin 300g, calcium gluconate 300g

    1. Admin says:

      Hi Josephine,

      You may like to consider reading our free book the 7 Day Back Pain Cure. We feel education is key to understanding and addressing back issues. The book discusses back pain and related conditions, pain relief methods to try, treatment options, causes of back pain, pain relief action plans and other useful information related to back pain.

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  2. Rosa Alexander says:

    I was taking gabapintin 300mg daily and thought I was losing my mind. Finally realized it was the meds. My arthritis was getting worse depression was really bad. Since I stopped the meds, and now have found Rub and enzymes I am finally getting pain relief. Thank you Jessie.

    1. Steve says:

      Rose, Thank you for your comments, I understand your situation as my wife needs to take gabapentin sometimes when your cancer treatment-induced peripheral neuropathy gets really bad.

      All the best

      Steve HBI-Staff

    2. leszek zarski says:

      Hi Ms Rosa Mr Jessie knows that Arthritis and Depression doesnt take forever to reverse but only with right practitioner and doesnt require any drugs at all.The only way to make it reversed is use Holistic practitioner someone like Dr Mark Hyman.,or Dr John Bergman,or Chris Kesser.

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