Dr. Oz NAILS the Secret to Ending Chronic Back Pain

Well this is the second time recently I’ve found myself nodding in enthusiastic agreement with the famous doc!

In answering a woman’s (very common) question on a recent episode of his show, Dr. Oz NAILED the key point that is at the heart of the Lose the Back Pain system. That key point is basically … muscle balance therapy!

The woman asked a question many of you have probably also wondered — namely, what causes the uncomfortable pains in your lower back, especially the ones that seem to pop up out of nowhere, like while you’re sitting in the car or at your computer? Quoting from Dr. Oz in his response:

“… doing things unconscious … you slip into a position that is very uncomfortable for muscles … you won’t be aware of it until the muscle gets beyond its breaking point, and then it will spasm.”


Dr. Oz hits the nail right on its head, as while doing things you don’t even think about — like sitting for long periods in a car or on a plane, or working behind a desk at work — your body unconsciously slips into a very uncomfortable posture. You may not recognize it as uncomfortable at first… remember your body is probably conditioned to slip into this incorrect posture virtually automatically… but in time — hours, weeks and certainly after years and decades — it will lead to muscle imbalances that cause chronic back pain.

As Dr. Oz said, you won’t be aware that the way you’re conducting your daily activities is a problem until the muscle is past its breaking point — and by then it’s too late, the pain is imminent! If you have any type of back pain, it’s crucial for you to correct your muscle imbalances now, before further damage occurs. And even if your pain is only sporadic, or you know you engage in unhealthy postures for hours on end, be proactive and take action now, before the pain starts or becomes more severe.

The solution is remarkably simple …

Dr. Oz back pain

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The Lose the Back Pain system will walk you through a series of self-assessments designed to help you pinpoint which muscle imbalances you have. Then you’ll learn a customized series of corrective exercises, stretches and self-treatments that are unique to your condition. This system will arm you with the tools you need to help rebalance your muscles and wipe out your pain — for good!

Your clinically proven treatments will be specific to your individual needs, not generic, and you’ll also receive special pain-reduction techniques and all-natural remedies and foods that can soothe herniated and bulging discks and help relieve your pain from the inside out. Nearly 65,000 people have already gotten relief. What are you waiting for, why don’t you join them?

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTPain Relief Expert, Post Rehab Specialist.

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Oz NAILS the Secret to Ending Chronic Back Pain”

  1. Harry Anderson says:

    I have a comprssed vertabrae (L-2) where the vertabrae for the last 2 years. Both the orthopedic surgeon and my chiropractor say that what they can do will never eliminate the pain but only reduce it. I have decided that surgury is out since most back operations fail in the long run and can even cause more problems. The chiropractor’s work only relieves it for a day and then the pain is back. What is your suggestion. The vertbrae is crushed to a 45 degree angle.

  2. Admin says:

    HI Harry,

    Thank you for your post and question.

    There is always hope to ease pain. A good starting point for you is to get a copy of Jesse’s Free Back Pain Cure Book. Just put “7 Day Back Pain Cure ” into the search box at the top right hand of this page to learn more.

    Thank you

  3. Wendy Owen says:

    I have used your Lose the Back Pain system for just over a year and have seen continual improvement during that time. I still have a few bad days but can usually get by now without any painkillers.
    This is a good result because I had a chronic muscle imbalance due to a twisted pelvis and was told I was too old for it to be healed.

    Many thanks

  4. Arjen Bootsma says:

    Hey Jesse

    As a Physiotherapist specialising for 22 years now in Spinal treatments I fully endorse how you talk about and the approach you personally take with dealing with back pain. I also agree with what Dr.Oz and you say about muscle imbalances. But if I may also add to that the following… muscle imbalances often are caused by bad postural habbits over a longer period, which dr.Oz may call uncomfortable positions for muscle in a way. The body has an amazing way to dynamically adapt again, in other words by learning good posture through for example postural exercises. This will allow normal muscle balances and ‘comfortable’ use again of these muscles and thus minimising back pain. Esther Gokhale, created the Gokhale method, which i am sure you are aware off and is also what I partly use with my patients in my Clinic, among muscle imbalance work, trigger point therapy etc. keep on the good work you are doing here Jesse…Arjen

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