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I get them every day. Hundreds of emails every week from folks suffering from terrible back pain ... terrified of needing back surgery ? or thrown into depression by chronic, debilitating pain.

Urgent pleas for help from people who've tried everything to get rid of their back pain ? they've gone to doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and nothing worked.

They've traveled around the country seeking out top doctors to ease their pain and STILL they're suffering and in pain. And just about every one of these emails goes something like this ....

Normal Price: $399
Sale Price: $299
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And that's why I've spent so much of my own money to publish our email newsletter to get the successful treatment information from our 15 years of working with the worst-case back pain patients to get pain free.

But here's the problem, information alone isn't always enough. This is why I strongly recommend inversion therapy. But despite the facts ...

  • Medical studies show Inversion Therapy is your best protection against back surgery because it DECREASES your chances of ever needing back surgery by as much as 70.5% ... because it gets rid of so much of your pain so quickly ...
  • Back pain studies show inversion has worked miracles in the lives of patients with chronic back pain ? pain so bad they couldn't go to work. After inversion these "invalids" were up walking and back to earning a living for themselves and their families ...
  • Inversion is both one of the easiest back pain treatments you'll ever try AND one of the most relaxing and pleasurable ways to treat pain you'll ever experience... with an amazing 2,000 year track record for treating back pain going all the way back to the ancient world...
  • We know inversion realigns your vertebrae using gravity to lengthen all the muscles along your spine so your vertebrae can slip back into their natural, balanced positions.
  • And inversion therapy increases blood flow to your spinal muscles and improves circulation throughout your entire body. And we all know how poor circulation contributes to all kinds of health problems from heart disease to sexual dysfunctions ...
  • Plus it relieves stress, increases your mental alertness, effortlessly improves your posture ... increases your range of motion in your joints ... restores the flexibility of your youth ... fights the shrinkage caused by gravity's daily compression of your spine ... and more ...

Product Specifications

  • Features
  • Easy to reach, long ankle locking bar
  • Comfortable, durable foam ankle clamps
  • Holds your ankles securely and comfortably
  • Easily adjustable height controls
  • Adjustable pivot point
  • Safety Tether Strap
  • Three settings for partial to full inversion
  • Comfortable, Black Nylon Fabric
  • Specifications
  • Overall Dimension 25" Wide x 78" High
  • Overall Bed Width 19"
  • Frame 25.5" Wide x 11" Tall x 48" Deep
  • Height from floor to top of bed 77.5"
  • Weight 55 lbs.
  • Suitable for people: 4'9" to 6'2"
  • 300 lb. weight limit
  • One year limited warranty
  • Quick and easy assembly

Important Shipping Information
FREE shipping for all US orders except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico which require an additional shipping fee. If you are interested in ordering and live in these locations, please call our customer service department. Orders in the US typically take 7-10 business days for delivery.

If ordering from Canada, the shipping charge is only $59. Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks depending upon where in Canada you are located and how fast customs is moving. You are responsible for any duties, taxes or brokerage fees.

Frequenty Asked Questions

1) How long do I need to invert each day?

This is covered in more detail in the video you'll be receiving; however as a general guideline... we suggest inverting for 1-3 minutes, 1-3 times per day for the first week or 2 and then gradually adjusting the amount of time and the degree of inversion as you become more comfortable with it.

Also keep in mind that the degree of inversion also affects how long you need to invert. For example, the shallower the degree, the longer the inversion time. The higher degree of inversion, the shorter the inversion time. However it all comes down to this - listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, simply stop inverting and try again later.

2) How long will it take to see results?

This is completely dependent on the injuries causing your pain and the extent to those injuries. For example if you're dealing with tight muscles in your neck caused by stress, you'll typically see very rapid (even immediate) improvements. However if you have a more serious injury... it may take a few weeks or even months.

It also depends on other treatments you're currently taking, your mindset, diet and various other factors.

It all boils down to the fact that this question varies from person to person... and that's why we've included a double 90-day guarantee allowing you to try out the HBI Premium Inversion Table with no risk to you!

3) Do I have to be completely upside-down?

The short answer is... if you're not comfortable with it - absolutely not.

Let me explain.

With the HBI Premium Inversion Table you can invert anywhere from about 20-30 degrees... all the way to a full inversion at 90 degrees.

Since 95% of all discomfort comes from people who try to invert too much, too fast, we've developed a general guideline.

We recommend first-time inverters begin at around 20-30 degrees for the first week or 2, simply to get used to being in an inverted position. As we already talked about, you're still getting fantastic relief even at this low and much more comfortable degree.

After the first week or 2, simply move the safety tether strap and begin inverting at 60 degrees... If you are ready for it. The majority of people never have to go beyond this angle, and only should if you're ready and willing to do so.

Next... after another few weeks you can try out full inversion. Just remember, start out with only 30 seconds or so of full inversion as your body is still not used to this much traction and may be sore the next day.

Last... you can also experiment with "Intermittent/Oscillation intermittent traction". Intermittent traction is when you alternate by inverting for 20-30 seconds... and then return upright for another 20-30 seconds. Oscillation intermittent traction involves rhythmic rocking back and forth and is actually preferred by most doctors over traditional inversion therapy because it helps stimulate circulation on a higher level, which then helps remove waste from the injured discs.

4) Does inversion cause strokes / popped blood vessels?

For many years, the biggest concern was that inversion therapy would increase the chance of stroke or even eye problems. This was caused by a grossly mis-interpreted study done by Dr. Goldman.

After 2 more years of extensive research on the subject, he discovered that the body actually has mechanisms that prevent damage from hanging upside down.

In fact, some of the patients' blood pressure actually dropped a few points.

(Note: These studies were based on patients in generally good health. We've included contraindications on this page to make sure you're a good fit for inversion therapy, so please keep reading).

We've never heard of a single case published or unpublished where inversion caused a stroke or popped blood vessels.

In fact... in 2008 stunt-master David Blaine hung upside down for 3 full-days...without experiencing any type of health problems whatsoever.

His eyes were fine, his blood pressure was perfect, and his heart and lungs were great!

If you have high blood pressure, heart disease or an eye condition, or if you've undergone fusion surgery... you should check with your doctor before inverting.

Keep in mind that extensive research shows inversion therapy is as safe as most daily activities.

5) Why do I feel so much pressure in my head - is it normal to turn red?

In the beginning, this is completely normal because your body is doing something it's not used to doing... just like how it gets sore when you first begin a new exercise program.

In fact, the extra blood going into your head is wonderful for you... causing a 7% increase in efficiency and a 14% increase in accuracy within your brain while being inverted.

Also... keep in mind that this feeling lessens overtime as you get used to it... and it's absolutely 100% OK to come out of the inversion and rest in an upright position for a minute - or simply invert at a lower angle.

6) How do I focus on the lower back / upper back / neck region?

Inversion is a natural form of gravity-assisted traction. This means that the amount of traction applied to various locations of the body is exactly the right amount! Every vertebra and related disc is just the right size to support the weight above it. The large discs in the lower back are the right size to support the 60% body weight that is above them. The small discs in the neck are just the right size to support the weight of the head. When inverted, the weight normally supported is just the right weight to apply traction. Gentle stretching and exercise is beneficial to help decompress and mobilize the spine:

Lower back

You may perform gentle stretching exercises to help move the muscles and connective tissues in the lower back area. In partial inversion, try rotating gently from side-to-side, or slowly rocking your pelvis forward and backward. If you have worked up to full inversion, abdominal exercises (sit-ups, crunches) can be beneficial to the lower back, since strong abdominal muscles are key for proper posture. On the inversion tables, you can try a gentle back extension by placing your hands behind your head on the bed frame and pushing your body in an arch away from the table.

Upper back

Many people experience upper back pain as a result of stress and muscle tension. The key to relieving this pain is to totally relax while inverting. Try deep breathing exercises. Also, partner work can be beneficial. Nothing is more relaxing than an inverted back and shoulder massage! Movement is also very beneficial. Try rounding your shoulders forward and pushing them back. Also, stretch one arm at a time across your torso to extend those upper back muscles.


Again, movement can be beneficial. Try rotating your head from one side to the other. Partner massages to the base of the head and back of the neck are very relaxing (do not apply pressure to the front of the neck). You can also add gentle inverted traction to your neck by resting your arms behind your head at the base of your skull (don't pull, just add the weight of your arms).




7) Can you use an inversion table if you have heart disease or high blood pressure?

It is true that people should not invert if they have uncontrolled high blood pressure.

However, inversion can cause a state of relaxation that results in a drop in heart rate and BP (sometimes even lower than at a resting state). Some doctors have used inversion as a treatment for high BP.

If you have concerns, you should check with your doctor before inverting.

8) What problems will an inversion therapy help?

There are literally DOZENS of benefits of using an inversion table... however I'll go over some of most common areas you're most likely worried about.

Bulged/Herniated Discs - According to many medical professional, several sessions of intermittent traction (e.g. inversion therapy done in a rocking-like fashion) is one of the best ways to help the body deal with and eliminate a bulged disc.

Sciatica - Just like bulged/herniated discs... inversion tables help create separation in your vertebrae, lowering the pressure on the discs, which therefore come off the sciatic nerve causing your unbearable sciatica pain.

Headaches/Migraines - Although we don't have any medical studies "proving" that inversion tables reduce the frequency and/or intensity of headaches and migraines... we have many customers who have written to us letting us know that once they started inverting... their headaches and migraines diminished rapidly.

Blood Draining From Lower Limbs - If you're suffering from fluid build-up in your lower limbs, inversion tables can help. This happens because as you're inverted... the pooled up blood and fluids in your lower limbs have an easier chance ofgetting sucked out of your tensed muscles... making their way back into the bloodstream where they can be purified and released by your lymph system.

Children - We've received many questions from worried parents asking if inversion tables can help relieve the pain children receive from scoliosis. The answer is... YES! Inversion therapy can help slow or reverse the effects of scoliosis at any age, and it's especially helpful for children who's bones haven't fully developed (before the age of 12-14).

If you have a child under 14 years old, we recommend consulting with a licensed physician first... as well as making sure the children have someone with them to help.

9) Is it safe to invert if I have a fused vertebra?

If you have a fused vertebra we recommend consulting with a licensed physician who can assess your situation in person. Although people who are in post-surgery can be helped by inversion therapy, there are several types of fusion surgeries and multiple causes for developing a fused vertebra, and only a licensed physician can make a safe decision for you.

Inversion Contraindications
(AKA - Reasons You May Not Be Able To Invert)

Inversion therapy can provide innumerable benefits to your health. Inversion can relieve back pain, decompress the spine, stretch muscles and ligaments, relieve stress, improve circulation and help maintain overall good health. However, inversion is not for everyone.

If you have any of the following health conditions, please do not invert without your licensed physician's approval (this is not an exhaustive list - it is intended only for your reference.)

Use of anti-coagulants

Bone weakness/recent fractures/skeletal implants

Heart/circulatory disorders

Hiatal hernia/ventral hernia

Middle ear infection


Severe spinal cord trauma

Total hip and/or knee replacement


Pink eye


High blood pressure/hypertension

Extreme obesity (300+ pounds)

Retinal detachment


Transient ischemic attack

Any spinal surgery

Important Note: If you have any of the conditions above, it does NOT mean that you can't use an inversion table. It simply means we're required to advise you to seek out a professional opinion from your doctor before using one.

...despite all of that, most of our readers will never experience the
benefits of inversion because they think they can't afford it
even though they know it could work wonders for their pain

And that tears my heart out because I've watched inversion therapy literally change the lives of people with some of the most extreme case of back pain.

You see that from hearing what folks say after trying inversion ...

"My pain almost completely disappeared the first time I tried inversion.
At 60 years old I never expected to feel this well again!"

"In May, I herniated the L5-S1 disc. My doctor recommended drugs and pain management, but the meds made me sick and I had a several week wait to go to pain management. The pain was intolerable, and I was having a hard time being pleasant at work. Home was a whole other story! I was telling a neighbor about it, and she suggested I come to her house and try her inversion table. The first time I tried it, the pain down my leg almost completely disappeared.

"I borrowed her table and as long as I use it, I feel good. I have gotten better and better. I take Aleve when I do have pain, cancelled pain management and am my sweet old self at home and work. Since I couldn't keep my neighbor's table forever, I have purchased my own and have a couple of friends anxious to try it. I am sooooo happy. I am 60 years old and never expected to feel this well again."

- J. Grieder, The Villages, FL

"After just TWO DAYS of inversion my pain is gone!"

"After 35 years flying helicopters, constant sitting with a 6 pound helmet and vibrations, I was constantly feeling pain in my spine. After 2 days of inversion, 10 minutes in the morning and again at night, the pain is gone. The difference is amazing. Best purchase of my life. Thanks!"

- D. Matthews, Salisbury, NC

"I've got osteoarthritis.
Inversion relieved 3 years of my back and neck pain!"

"I am a 43 year old female who has been stricken with osteoarthritis. People look at me and see a vibrant, healthy looking person, but they have no idea what's happening on the inside of my body. I have suffered with lower back and neck pain for three year's now. For the past three month's I have been inverting, and cannot begin to describe the relief I have experienced. I would like to encourage anyone sitting on the fence about inversion, to jump off and try it. You have nothing to lose but sleepless nights and long hours of discomfort.

- S. MacLeod, via e-mail

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I'm absolutely, positively sure you'll be thrilled with the pain relief you experience from inversion. If so, just keep using your inversion table to and we'll bill your credit card the discounted price of $299.

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Don't Just "Think About It"...

Look, I hate to point out the obvious, but there is absolutely no way you can lose on this! Unless of course you wait and "think about it" because if you do, it's very likely we will have pulled this offer when you come back later.

And for obvious reasons, I have to limit how long, and how many of these inversion tables we send out ? my accountant insists I limit the total number of free trials to 50 at a time since we are taking such a huge risk with an offer like this.

If you're suffering from chronic back pain you've probably already gone to a chiropractor and know that by the time you get through months ? or years of treatments ? you'll have spent thousands of $$$$ on average... you're spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year, for prescription medications ... plus all the co-pays for doctor's visits IF you're lucky enough to have insurance ... and all for treatments that only address the symptoms!

The only way to truly get lasting relief is to address the underlying causes and those are: muscle imbalances, trigger points, negative stress, poor nutrition and dehydration... and the biggie, spinal compression.

If ever there was a no-brainer, this is it!  Click here to Start Your Free Trial

Jesse Cannone
The Healthy Back Institute

"The best purchase of my life!"

"After 35 years flying helicopters, constant sitting with a 6 pound helmet and vibrations, I was constantly feeling pain in my spine. After 2 days of inversion, 10 minutes in the morning and again at night, the pain is gone. The difference is amazing. Best purchase of my life. Thanks!"

- D. Matthews, Salisbury, NC

"My wife was in tears from the pain ...
because of inversion she's her old self again! Purchasing your inversion table was the best thing we ever did."

- J. Luper

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