"Rock & Roll" Away Sciatica Pain

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Discover how to “rock and roll” sciatica pain away in today’s video

Rock and roll will never die.

Neither will your sciatic pain if you don’t take care of the underlying cause.

Of all the causes of sciatica, the most common is when the piriformis muscle becomes tight and restricted, placing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Frequently the piriformis muscle becomes tight and restricted as a result of muscle imbalances. Stretching the piriformis muscle can bring fast relief to sciatic pain, and targeted stretching and exercise can eliminate the underlying imbalance altogether.

But often there’s another hidden pain-causing component to sciatica pain, called trigger points. These occur when muscle fibers get stuck and locked in place, making your muscle tight, weak and dysfunctional.

How do you know if trigger points are keeping you in pain? One rule of thumb is if you stretch your piriformis muscle and it creates even more discomfort, you probably have trigger points.

The problem here is you can’t simply exercise and stretch away trigger points. You have to break them apart using direct pressure so you can stretch the tight muscle and relieve the ache.

In today’s video, Steve Hefferon shows you how to use a special rocking and rolling technique to break apart trigger points followed by a piriformis muscle stretch to finally ease your sciatica pain.


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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTPain Relief Expert, Post Rehab Specialist.

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Stephen Cheshier says:

    The free videos in your emails never appear. Instead you are taken to a sales pitch for equipment or DVD sets or books. Where are the video techniques advertised in your emails??

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Are you unable to see the video on this page where Steve Hefferon demonstrates the technique?

      Best wishes,
      Steve Coombes
      Managing Editor

  2. wes says:

    Nope, again no video.

    1. I believe we’ve figured out the problem – the post was using a Flash-based delivery mechanism and some browsers no longer support Flash.

      I’ve updated the post to use a direct embed link from YouTube. Give it a try now!

      Best wishes,
      Steve Coombes
      Managing Editor

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