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Back Pain Success Stories...


"The Healthy Back Institute Has Dramatically Changed The Lives Of Countless People In Over 80 Countries Around The World...
The Question Is, Are You Next?"


If you are tired of suffering from back pain or sciatica and are fed up with all of the worthless treatments that don't work, you really must get a free copy of one of our relief guides. But don't take our word for it, read and listen to the testimonials from some of the people that are now pain free thanks to the Healthy Back Institute...






 My back is feeling better and better. I ran yesterday for 20 minutes and feel fine today. I am so motivated to keep working on it since it's working! This is me roping on a horse named Colonel. It was several buck offs and wrecks that caused the pain in the first place, but since I found you all, I'm back in the saddle again!

Emily Zimmerman - Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"I give Steve and Jesse two thumbs up for the assessment and exercises for the specific problems on their tape, "Lose the Back Pain." I had excruciating sciatica pain, radiating from the groin and buttocks down the right leg to ankle for one month. I did try several things for weeks without success, before I sent for your tape. Your video saved me months and months and also money for going from one doctor to another for relief. Hugs and thank you guys so much." -- Dottie



"Your back pain program works wonders, I am a new man, thanks to you. I have been laid up for nearly two years, two weeks on your program and I was up and about. Now two months later I am back to full working order."
Thanks for everything, Derrick Lambe, UK




"I have to say - I've been dealing with Back Pain for over 30 years now. I have 4 issues going on. Without all the fancy terms - I have an "S" curved spine, a slipped vertebrae (class 2) a budging disc - lower back and some stenosis.

I've had a bad time with Sciatica, hip, butt, leg and low back pain - and 3 surgeons, (2 orthopedic and one neurosurgeon) are all just dying to get a hold of me. They all say I need surgery - but thanks to your information and stretches and good advice regarding muscle imbalances - I'm not having surgery. I am almost pain free, and some days I am totally pain free. My abilities totally defy my MRI films! Because of you I've made a lot of changes - including the inversion therapy and I want to thank you for keeping me out of surgery. I talk to people every week at the pool who have had surgeries and regret it.

I'm thankful that I don't have to be one of them. With all the doctors, surgeons, specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists I've seen over these many years - you would think they could have told me some of these simple things - but it took you guys - making it understandable and easy to do.

Over the years I've been in casts and braces which only served to make my muscles weak, I've been given wrong advice on exercises to do, I've paid for adjustments which actually made things worse and more. I really want to Thank you for all the down to earth - plain good information.

It's the best I've ever seen. I now understand what is going on with my body and what is causing the pain. The fusion surgery that's recommended to me has an 18 month recovery period, many risks and not much hope really for total relief of the back pain. I sure would much rather spend some time learning from your information, relaxing on an inversion table, doing some simple exercises and stretches and eliminating some of the things I was doing wrong - in order to live my life - free from the hassle, pain, expense, shear dread of having a major surgery.

I don't understand why some people just won't catch on to this - maybe they think a Doctor will just "fix" them and that's the easy answer - but going that route doesn't make sense to me at all - unless it's absolutely necessary and you've exhausted all other options.

Again. Thank You!!! You guys have even returned my calls when I had quetions - I'm amazed at your level of service and dedication and what you have given me for so little cost. I would have to spend tons of money on surgery and therapy otherwise. I am a real person and I'd be more than happy to tell anyone my story."

Carole Gardner

























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