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"More Back Pain Success Stories...."



"Just wanted to letcha know, back in Feb I was on my Harley and crossed some very rough RR tracks, and felt a very sharp pain shoot up my spine. I mean a VERY SHARP pain!

I waited for about a week and finally went to a chiropractor who sent me for x-rays, then went back 2 days later for the results..††He showed me the x-rays, and said, "This is exactly what I was afraid of. You chipped your spine", and showed me where.

After finding you on the search engine, I ordered your Lose The Back Pain DVD and CDs, and it was a GREAT help, but I still endured some much lesser pain.††Later you e-mailed me about the IT table, and after reading the customer's testimonials, and your 100% guarantee of satisfaction, or your money back, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it.

Oh man!††U arenít ever gonna get this back, even if u offer me twice the price. This thing is the next best thing to sliced bread, lemme tell u.††I only hang upside down about 1 minute, and INSTANT results, and no more back pain and stiff neck,that I have suffered with for YEARS.

All I can say is, THANK U, THANK U, and THANK U some more.

I have offered to let 3 of my neigbors who have back problems to try it out, for FREE, but they all refused. I just can NOT believe what a dumbded down society we have become. Some ppl still think doctors are their only salvation, while they still suffer their back pain. Oh well- - - - - - - - - - - , their loss!"

John Stevens 64 yrs old
Ruskin, Fl



"I had been going to see a chiropractor every week but it gave me temporary relief. I chose your program after a hard research on the subject. I always believe that exercise can do wonders; years ago I was a personal trainer. But I did not know exactly witch exercises I need it to do.

When I got your package I immediately opened and did the assessments and start doing the exercise for my condition (I think I have a couple different ones). It just took no more than a couple of session and I stared to feel great... it was almost unbelievable for me but very true and I am feeling better everyday.

Thank you very much for thinking of such a simple and natural way of getting rid of this kind of pain!"


Patricia Holdaway - Houston, Texas



"I experienced wonderful relief from my pain the very first day I used your system. It worked so well I told some friends about it and they too have gotten relief. I've had back pain for 20 years and now it's gone... it's amazing!"


Robert English - Queensland, Australia



"I received your video and manual about 3 weeks ago. I have suffered from severe sciatica for over a year now. I "HAD" been seeing a chiropractor for 11 months. The first 3 months were 4 times a week and then it tapered off to 3, then 2 and at the time I received the video I was going once a week. It angers me to think of all the time I suffered and money I spent and still had the sciatic pain. Out of pure desperation I found the website of lose the back pain. Almost immediately I stopped having the spasms. I do the sciatica stretch everyday, about 2 minutes of my time! I still have a small catch in the joint of my left hip, but I feel in time it will go away. I have not been as faithful on all the other stretches, but I do do them several times a week. I can at least pin point where my problem is in my lower back and why it is hurting. Laziness has stopped my complete recovery! Your video was a God sent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the public. It scares me to think I was one step away from surgery. Thank you!"


Sherry Wharton - Groesbeck, Texas



"After reading about muscle imbalances on your web site , and your money back guarantee if the video and book didn't work for me, I thought I've nothing to lose. On a Monday at 5pm I purchased online and on the Friday morning it arrived (that's just 3 days all the way from the U.S.A. to Canterbury Kent England). So I performed the self assessments and started on the exercises, including the specific exercises for sciatica. With in days I was feeling better and after 2 weeks I am feeling really good. It is now 19 days as I write this and I have just been to see my acupuncturist, and she is amazed at my progress. So my next visit is not for another 6 weeks, and the way things are going I probably won't need to go. I am still asking myself how these exercises can make so much difference?? Thank you so much."


Roger Linch - Canterburry, England



"I have been in pain for 11 years... since I was 18 years old. I was very keen to try your system because I recently hurt my neck and I was in a lot of pain, wasn't sleeping and had shooting pain down my arm. It took about 2 weeks for the system to start to help me. I have been pain free for about 3 months. I am able to do my job as a chef without any pain an do the thing's that I used to do like exercising, an using my computer. I would recommend your system for sure because it helped me in so many way's."


Christine G. - Pymble, Australia



Featured Product #2:

Lose The Back Pain System

Here's What People are Saying About the
Lose The Back Pain System....

"I have experienced a great deal of relief since receiving the "Lose the Back Pain" system. This is a fantastic product. All hairstylists (like myself) or anyone else who works on their feet and uses their neck and shoulders a lot for work should purchase this video/DVD.

It's NEVER too late to get help to heal your pains so you can stop suffering and enjoy your life. I feel like a much happier, stronger woman with so much more freedom since I no longer have severe pain holding me back. Thank you so much! You guys are the real deal!!"

Tammy Clay - Tuscaloosa, Alabama




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