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"More Back Pain Success Stories...."




"Death Ride 2007

I started with your program right away. I was surprised to see that I had a high hip as I am a avid cyclist and didn't think I would have weak gluts or hamstring muscles. After the first day I felt better and in a couple of days was able to started riding again. I still have some tingling in my left leg but as long as I don't set to long very slight. I will tell you that I am very glad I found your program. I am very pleased with my progress on gaining flexibility the way you have us stretch and are seeing a slight straightening up."


-- Thanks for the great program



"I'm a new man... I had endured seven months of misery trying rest, physical therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, nerve blocks and chiropractic treatment and god knows what else -- then I started doing the "super sciatica stretch" for the piriformis and began getting relief. Your follow-up emails were also helpful---they demonstrated YOUR faith in the program. You weren't just looking to take the money and run.

So I cancelled the epidural and am feeling great. I won't be searching for a remedy any longer -- your program works.


Kevin Boyle, Rockaway, New York



"I began implementing your system in June 2005 and within a week the pain that was in my back and sciatic nerve was almost zero. The following week the pain was totally gone.

I had been visiting the Chiropractor office daily for about two months and nothing got better, as a matter of fact it seem to get worse. During the time that I sent for your product it was very difficult for me to walk I was crawling on the floor in excruciating pain going from room to room in my home.

Your program has been a tremendous blessing to me. Thanks again."


Ken Tuck - Alabama



"I ordered your lose the back pain system and I have almost lost the back pain in a weeks time! I feel so much better. I do the specific stretches and exercises twice a day and my lower back pain has almost disappeared. It was the best thing I ever did to buy your product... at first I thought "oh it probably won't work and it's a lot of money to pay for it", but I am so grateful that I did. Thanks again."


Susie Westerback - Raymond, Washington





"You are right! I am one of your "Best Customers". Not so much because of what I buy but because of the # of people I refer to your site and because I talk to whoever will listen how amazed I was that your stretches and exercises eliminated the pain of my sciatica nerve from my right buttock all the way down to my ankle. I don't know how any one could stand that pain for two years; I was going insane after two weeks.

I was also amazed by your "money back Guarantee"! I thought that was and still do think that is a very forward thinking and great policy; and thank god and you that the exercises worked and the pain down my leg had left to your therapy.

I have called once or twice since the beginning and your associates have first asked me if I have continued to do my stretches and exercises and the answer has usually been that I have slacked off. I have never had the pain came back down my right leg however my pelvis gets tired and sore. The exercises always help and some of them I can do anywhere. I have even laid down on the Golf Course while waiting to tee off and laid on my back and brought my knees back and forth to my chest. Once I even saw a friend of mine with back pain across from me on another fairway laying down doing the same exercises. I'm sure he called for your CD and work book. He didn't have Sciatica but constant back pain for years and your methods have made his back a whole lot less painful.

So you're right I am one of your better customers Because I am big on telling others about how well "Lose the Back Pain" works. And I sill haven't figured out how that chiropractor knew I would need 23 sessions at $90.00 per session to fix my sciatica pain:)

Fortunately I did not have to take that route as my procedure; your's has and continues to work just fine.

Thanks very much!!!

John Randolph Scherb
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301




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