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Featured Success Stories

"Forty years of flying jets in the RAF and airlines had done me no favors. However the pain I experienced then was relatively mild and disappeared after a month or two. Two months ago I started to have back pains again, which eventually spread to my right hip, thigh and knee. This time, however, the pain was extreme, lasted 24hrs per day, and I could find no relief. My doctor diagnosed sciatica, recommended physiotherapy and painkillers - all to no avail.

Fortunately for me, by this time, I had read your web site and ordered your material. It arrived for me - in Spain - only about 5 days after ordering it. For that, another thanks. I started the exercises for herniated discs and sciatica immediately. After only 2 days, I could honestly say that the cutting edge of the pain had greatly diminished. The last 3 days have seen a rapid improvement. I would estimate that I have made a 98% recovery, like so many of you're other customers, I can simply say, "Thank you so much." It's a gorgeous morning here in Spain, and I have just returned from a pain free walk around the mountain with my dog. Need I say any more?
Ian Thomas, UK



"I had been suffering from intermittent back and leg pain for the last five years. I have tried everything to make it go away... chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc. with various successes at different times. Last October, I ended up in the emergency room in such agony that I was given morphine to control the pain; I was admitted to the hospital and had an MRI the next day. I was scheduled for emergency surgery and had laminectomy on L4-L5 and on L5-S1 levels of my spine. I was greatly relieved to have my leg pain gone and was finally pain free!

After approximately six weeks of recovery, I went to the neurosurgeon for my post-operative review and was told to resume exercising to strengthen my back and was given a generic set of exercises to start with. Within three days, my leg pain had returned. I was devastated! Long story short, I started doing my own research and that's how I  found your site. I was interested in the fact that your approach would target the cause of my leg pain and would tailor exercises to help my particular problem. I figured I would try your system instead of the P.T. program I was following without much relief.

I received the video and manual within a few days and started right in; I did the assessments and found that I needed the exercises for pelvis tipped forward, right hip high, and for sciatica. My leg pain started to improve within a week; in fact, so much so that I could cut back on the pills within a few days and stopped taking them all together within another week! My improvement steadily continued within the next few weeks.

I am now pretty much pain free for the first time in over five years. I really wish I had found your program five years may have saved me several thousands of dollars and years of pain! However, at this point I can only be glad to have found it when I did. I hope that others find your program when they initially have back or leg pain. I have never done a testimonial for any other product. Then again, I have never tried a program that made such a difference as yours has for me.

Robin Nappi



I bought your Lose the back pain offer several months ago. The reason for my need was originally caused by a bad fall, over forty years ago, resulting in a displaced, fractured lumbar vertebra. Over the years, this has given me problems from time to time, but, as I have continued doing sport, the muscles have remained strong enough to compensate.

Now, in my mid-sixties, I have almost ceased competing, while still carrying on coaching athletic throws. As a result, my back really started to give me trouble. As soon as I received your package, I started to do the exercises, and the pain ceased immediately. I carry out an exercise regime every day anyway, but your exercises are now, very definitely, an integral part of it. You have done your bit with the information, now it is up to me to continue using it. The nice part is that I am in control, and, as there are no drugs, there are no side effects.

I have been happily informing youngsters of your existence if they have back pain. I tell them a couple of stretches to do, and it is very pleasant to see the look of amazement as the pain is relieved. Sadly, being young, they probably have yet to visit your site, and, speaking as a coach, I hope that they will never need to, but, at least you have a very strong supporter, spreading the word.

Many thanks for the pain relief,"

Many thanks for the pain relief,
Richard W Turner
Hammer, shot and discus athletics coach