8 Fastest Ways to Freshen Your Breath Naturally

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Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is probably the best way to keep bad breath, or halitosis, at bay. That and avoiding some of the most common bad-breath offenders, like tobacco products, onions and garlic, can keep your breath fresh most of the day. But you probably know that already. So let’s say you’ve forgone […]

8 Clothing Items to AVOID If You Suffer Neck or Back Pain

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clothing to avoid if you have back pain

Sometimes the causes of neck and back pain are obvious – hours spent hunched over your steering wheel or computer … an injury from a weekend basketball game … or wrenching your back while digging in your garden, for example. Other times, your neck and back may ache and you have no idea why. This […]

Major Mainstream Media FINALLY Exposes the “Calcium Lie”!

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freshen your breath naturally

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened now!!! Here’s the “this” I’m referring to (and why it REALLY matters to your health): Those of us here in the “natural / alternative health” world who research things closely WARN THE PUBLIC about health issues with certain medications… certain foods… or certain health advice […]

19 Awesome Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

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The first vinegar is said to have been created on accident, after grape juice was left to sit out for too long. The juice first turned into wine and then into vinegar, and today the literal meaning of vinegar (in French) is actually “sour wine.” Vinegar has been valued since ancient times for its medicinal […]

Rock Star DESPERATE for Pain Relief Tries This (check out his amazing drum solo!)

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Mike-Castillo (1)

His band, Del Castillo, “pull together Latin music’s romance and rock’s grit,” according to Billboard Magazine. They lay down “infectious Latin rhythms with mind-boggling solos. They whip crowds into a frenzy,” according to Guitar Player Magazine, and display “eruptions of technique and taste (that) conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the […]

The 4 Key Causes of Joint Pain and Degeneration (and the surprising solutions)

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ultimate natural joint pain relief secret

If you suffer joint pain, and/or degeneration of your joints and cartilage, my recent podcast below may surprise you… but most importantly, what you’ll learn will likely HELP you in a big way! You’ll discover the 4 primary causes of the joint pain and problems… And you’ll discover the important steps to take now to eliminate those causes… several of […]

Is Back Pain More Likely If You’re Tall?

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is back pain more likely if you're tall

There are many risk factors for back pain that you can control – like your weight, posture, and even the position you sleep in. Your height, however, is not among them, yet it can influence your risk of back pain. Adults have the same number of vertebrates in their spine regardless of height, but they’re […]

9 Smart Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Breakfast

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how to eat vegetables for breakfast

Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which work synergistically to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, stroke and more. Vegetables also have anti-aging properties, and eating veggies and fruits (seven or more servings daily) has been shown to lower your risk of dying prematurely by 42 percent.[i] That’s not […]

Is It Best to Shower in the Morning or Evening?

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is it best to shower in morning or evening

It’s one of the great questions in life: should you shower in the morning or at night? Each side definitely has its devotees, while others simply allow their schedule to dictate when’s the best time to wash up. But let’s say you have time both morning and night for a shower. Is one truly better […]

The 10 Supplements Everyone (Really) Needs

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Americans spent $13 billion on dietary supplements in 2013, and such spending is expected to increase to more than $15 billion by 2019.[i] Meanwhile, just walking down the supplement aisle(s) at your local health food store can be mind-boggling, and rightfully so – there are more than 29,000 different nutritional supplements on the market today.[ii] […]