Sciatica Action Plan

The term “sciatica” typically refers to a sharp or steady pain that radiates up and down the back of the leg (i.e., through the hamstring), or “sciatic nerve.” Pain also can occur in the lower back, buttocks, and feet. This pain has also been described as a burning, tingling, or traveling, either on one side […]

So, you’re suffering from sciatic pain?

Are you suffering from pain running down the back of your leg? If so, you probably already know, or will soon learn, this is called sciatica. But, what may be a surprise is that sciatica is not a condition, but a symptom of a condition. But that’s really just semantics right? You’re in pain now, […]

"Rock & Roll" Away Sciatica Pain

  Rock and roll will never die. Neither will your sciatic pain if you don’t take care of the underlying cause. Of all the causes of sciatica, the most common is when the piriformis muscle becomes tight and restricted, placing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Frequently the piriformis muscle becomes tight and restricted as a […]

Free Sciatica Pain Relief

Virtually every single day we get emails, phone calls, and even letters in the regular mail from folks just like you thanking us for pain relief that has eluded them… sometimes for years. But first of all, to those who have already found relief and those looking for pain relief right now, let me congratulate […]

Top 8 Homeopathics for Muscle & Joint Pain (VIDEO)

Most pain relief medications, including over the counter pills widely available on your local grocery store shelves, have dangerous side effects. But doing nothing when you’re in pain isn’t an option for most folks. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to safely, naturally help you get rid of pain. For the […]

Is That Pain Down Your Leg Sciatica?

Do you have a sharp pain that frequently radiates through your buttocks, down the outside of your leg, right into your foot? If so, you might ask me as so many others have: Is sciatica causing my leg pain? That’s an easy one. No. How can you say that without ever meeting me you ask? […]