We already knew Inversion Therapy had millions of success stories ...

... but even we were surprised
when Newcastle University released a study
PROVING inversion therapy reduces your chances
of needing back surgery by 70.5%!!

Mainstream medicine can't ignore the benefits of inversion therapy any longer.

Because this new medical study conducted by the head of Neuroscience at Newcastle University shows you are 70.5% LESS LIKELY to need surgery if you use inversion therapy.

Most doctors are too busy treating the symptoms of back pain with treatment like anti-inflammatory medications, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and cortisone injections, and they simply ignore what is one of the biggest factors contributing to back pain.

This contributing factor is spinal compression - which can ONLY be addressed through inversion therapy.


What is Spinal Compression and What Causes It?


Spinal Compression and Disc ProblemsFrom the moment we are born, our bodies are at the mercy of gravity, a force that continuously creates pressure and stress on all of our muscles, bones, joints and ligaments.

By far, the part of the body that is affected most by gravity is the spine. The combination of gravity and muscle imbalances shove the vertebrae together, pressing on the discs. 

The inner core of your discs consists of jelly-like material that acts like a shock absorber system, providing flexibility and cushioning when you are sitting, standing or exercising. 

During your normal daily activities, gravity causes fluid to squeeze out of your discs into adjacent soft tissue.  With less space between the discs, you lose some height. 
When you sleep, some - but not all - of the fluid soaks back into the discs.

During a typical day, you can lose as much as ¾ inch in height!  And because there's only a partial recovery at night, the average person loses ½ inch to 2 inches in height by their senior years.

Insufficient distance between the vertebrae can result in nerve root pressure, which in turn causes pain. 

To make matters worse, very often the pressure on the discs is not distributed evenly.  Your discs were not designed to cope with such uneven pressure, and sooner or later it will be too much for them to withstand. The discs will bulge, herniate, causing spinal damage and likely, a life with chronic pain.

Even the slightest increase in spacing can be enough to allow a herniated disc to pop back into place or relieve pressure from a compressed nerve.

Decompress Your Spine and Eliminate
Your Back Pain With Inversion Therapy


Inversion therapy is a method of treating back pain by diminishing the influence of gravity, reducing the compression of the vertebrae and discs and allowing the muscles and ligaments that encase the spine to relax.

This is typically performed on what's called an inversion table. The table allows you to lie on your back relaxed, in an inverted position.  This position eliminates some or all gravitational compression, depending upon how far back you position your body.

Inversion therapy is the safest, quickest and most effective way to increase the space between your vertebrae.   Numerous clinical studies published in reputable medical journals have confirmed that inversion really does increase the separation between the discs of the spine, which brings relief from back pain.

For instance, one study considered 175 people who were unable to work due to back pain.  After eight inversion treatments, 155 of the patients were able to return to work full time. 


How Well Does Inversion Therapy Really Work?


Inversion therapy relieves back pain, and it works even better when it's part of a well-rounded treatment plan that addresses the specific muscle imbalances you have.

But even by itself it is highly effective. A recent study done at New Castle University found that over 70% of patients who performed inversion therapy were able to cancel their scheduled back surgeries.
Click here to see the results from the study.

And with literally millions of success stories, there is no doubt that inversion therapy is a highly effective way to reduce or eliminate back, neck and sciatic pain whether caused by a bulging or herniated disc, chronically tight lower back muscles or some other condition.

Professional athletes, celebrities and even the US Army use inversion therapy because it works.


And If Pain Relief Wasn't Enough...


While this advisory concentrates on whether or not inversion therapy helps alleviate back pain, we should mention other benefits people experience with a regular program of inversion:

  • Maintains your height. Regularly inverting will help you avoid the "shrinkage" others your age are showing because of the cumulative effect of gravity over a lifetime.
  • Improves circulation. When you're inverted, your body can circulate your blood aided by gravity rather than having to work against it.  In addition, with inversion, gravity helps the lymphatic system clear faster, easing the aches and pains of stiff muscles.
  • Relieves stress. A full-body stretch feels rejuvenating! And the inversion table makes that relaxation easier to attain than climbing on a jungle gym or taking a yoga class.  Many people sleep better with regular inversion therapy.
  • Heightens mental alertness. Any upside-down activity increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, which many authorities believe helps you maintain mental sharpness.

"Constant pain in my spine GONE IN TWO DAYS — THANKS!"

"After 35 years flying helicopters, constant sitting with a 6 pound helmet and vibrations, I was constantly feeling pain in my spine. After 2 days of inversion, 10 minutes in the morning and again at night, the pain is gone. The difference is amazing. Best purchase of my life. Thanks!" 
- D. Matthews, Salisbury, NC

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion. With inversion, your joints stay healthy and supple, so that you can easily remain as active as you were in your younger years.
  • Improves posture. The stretch that comes with reversing the direction of gravity helps you sit, stand and move with more ease and grace.
  • Realigns the spine after workouts. Running and other aerobic activities inevitably compress your spine, frequently unevenly.  One-sided activities like golf or tennis often pull the spine out of alignment.  During inversion, minor misalignments often correct themselves naturally.

Is Inversion Therapy Safe?


Of course, if all those benefits came with any significant risks, we would not recommend hanging upside down as a method of relieving back pain. 

Some users get concerned because their face gets red when they are inverted.  But this is actually a good thing because it indicates that blood flow to the brain, eyes, skin and hair is increasing.  Over time, you get used to how different it feels when you are inverted.  If you are uncomfortable, simply invert at a lesser angle or for a shorter period of time until your body gets accustomed to inversion.

If you have high blood pressure, heart disease or an eye condition, or if you have had fusion surgery, you should check with your doctor before inverting.  Keep in mind that extensive research shows that inversion therapy is as safe as most daily activities.

"My back pain has completely disappeared after using the inversion table that I purchased from the Healthy Back Institute. No pain for 4 months now. Thank You!"
- Gene B


What Should I Look for in an Inversion Table?


Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, strung up a patient on a ladder with ropes and pulleys to treat his back pain.  Inversion therapy has come a long, long way in comfort, construction and convenience since those days.

We have spent the last three years testing every inversion table and device on the market in order to find the best one to recommend to people who'd like to experience the benefits of inversion therapy at home at the same time that they are addressing the muscle imbalances that cause their back pain.

An inversion table for reducing your back pain should be safe, sturdy, adjustable, durable and convenient for home use.  It should adjust easily to a variety of inversion angles, including full inversion - completely upside down.


Inversion Table Healthy Back InstituteHere's Our Top Choice When It Comes to Inversion Tables...

After testing dozens of different brands and models over the years we've finally developed our own...

We call it the "Premium Inversion Therapy Table" and have designed it to be hands down the best value on the market.

It has all the features of the most advanced and expensive tables on the market but at a fraction of the price.

Here's why it would be a mistake to purchase any other inversion table...

  Safety.  Unlike the cheap junk inversion tables you can buy at Walmart or Sports Authority, with our super high quality design you don't have to worry about safety. In fact, one company was recently forced to recall several thousand of it's "discount" inversion tables from the market.

  Complete range of inversion angles.  Unlike other inversion tables, our inversion table can invert you at a complete range of angles, from a slight downward tilt to a full upside-down inversion. You control the angle you want, and you can change it instantaneously.

  Durability.  Made of high-carbon steel, this inversion table is so strong and well-made that it carries a one-year warranty.

  Quick and easy to assemble.  No need to be a mechanical genius to set it up... assembles in less than five minutes.

  Adaptable.  Anyone who has a height between 4' 8" and 6' 6" or weighs up to 300 pounds can use this inversion table. 

  Includes user guide and telephone support.  Our inversion table is extremely easy to use, and comes with a detailed printed user guide. Not only that, if you have any questions about how to use it, or how to incorporate inversion therapy into your back pain reduction program, simply call us toll-free and we'll provide answers.

  Guaranteed.  Try the inversion table for up to 30 days at home, and if it does not meet your expectations, ship it back for a full, 100% refund of the purchase price (minus shipping if applicable). You have nothing to lose but your back pain!


NEW Healthy Back Institute's Premium Inversion Table

Inversion Table
Free Shipping USARegular Price $399
SALE Price: $299

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  • Features
  • Easy to reach, long ankle locking bar
  • Comfortable, durable foam ankle clamps
  • Holds your ankles securely and comfortably
  • Easily adjustable height controls
  • Adjustable pivot point
  • Safety Tether Strap
  • Three settings for partial to full inversion
  • Comfortable, Black Nylon Fabric
  • Specifications
  • Overall Dimension 25" Wide x 78" High
  • Overall Bed Width 19"
  • Frame 25.5" Wide x 11" Tall x 48" Deep
  • Height from floor to top of bed 77.5"
  • Weight 55 lbs.
  • Suitable for people: 4'9" to 6'2"
  • 300 lb. weight limit
  • One year limited warranty
  • Quick and easy assembly

NOTE: Some people should not use inversion therapy for health / medical reasons. Click here to see a complete list of contraindications.

Important Shipping Information
FREE shipping for all US orders except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico which require an additional shipping fee. If you are interested in ordering and live in these locations, please call our customer service department. Orders in the US typically take 7-10 business days for delivery.

If ordering from Canada, the shipping charge is only $59. Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks depending upon where in Canada you are located and how fast customs is moving. You are responsible for any duties, taxes or brokerage fees.

To Order by Phone Call Toll-Free 1-800-216-4908
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Here's What People Are Saying...

"I'm Back Playing Volleyball and Softball at age 51 — THANKS!"

"After doing my own research I came upon your site and the suggestion of an inversion table. Reading the literature for inversion all made a lot of sense to me, and for what I paid for three visits to the chiropractor (since the insurance did not cover this) I had myself an inversion table. I used it as recommended and started out at about 45 degrees for two weeks each day for 10 to 15 minutes right before bed.

After two weeks I was a little better and I was ready to�go fully inverted, which I did for another month 10 to 15 minutes almost each day right before bed. After that month I was 100%. I could not believe the results, and today I tell everyone of this wonderful table that has given me my life back, as I enjoy volleyball and softball at my age of 51.

The pain used to be so bad, sitting was the worst and what really scared me was the fact that my left foot tingled almost continuously. I thought for sure surgery was going to be once again the only solution. I am so thankful for your site and the information that you provide so people like me can get relief from one of the worst types of everyday pain one can experience. Today I use the table as a relaxation and stretch after a workout or a sport activity, which is usually 3-4 times per week. I would never give it up and will certainly use it the rest of my life. I now do crunches using the table and the results really show. Thank you again for a wonderful product that really works as advertised."

- Brent

"I slept my first pain-free night in FIVE YEARS!"

"I am a diagnostic radiologist who abused his back through sports, hard work and horses for years. About seven years ago, I began to experience back and left leg pain that progressed rapidly. An MRI revealed a lot of degenerative changes in my lumbar spine with two intervertebral discs that were herniated and for all practical purposes 'worn out.' Five years ago I began to experience numbness in some of my left toes with sciatica in the left hip and leg, which progressed to constant pain, loss of feeling and then loss of motor function in my left toes.

A friend who is a sales rep for radiographic equipment, whom I have known for 15 years, told me he had become pain free in about two months using an inversion table. I ordered one that day. In one week of use, twice to three times per day, the numbness in my toes improved 100%. During the second week, I slept my first pain free night in five years."
- Ken Hamilton, M.D.

My wife bought me your inversion chair quite a few months ago because of back pain I have suffered most of my life. I thought it was probably just another one of those things you spend money on, but they don�t do you any good. After reading your newsletters and watching your videos I decided to give it a try. After about a week I noticed that my back didn't hurt anymore and I can say that I am virtually pain free for the first time that I can remember.

I would like to thank you very much for opening my eyes to a system that really does work like you say it does. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me by making me aware of the benefits of inversion therapy. Thank you again and I will be reading your newsletters regularly for all the benefits they (you) provide. Forever grateful!"
- Robert O. Transportation Supervisor, Auburn, Ca.

"The first time I tried it the pain down my leg almost completely disappeared!"

"In May, I herniated the L5-S1 disc. My doctor recommended drugs and pain management, but the meds made me sick and I had a several week wait to go to pain management. The pain was intolerable, and I was having a hard time being pleasant at work. Home was a whole other story! I was telling a neighbor about it, and she suggested I come to her house and try her inversion table. The first time I tried it, the pain down my leg almost completely disappeared.

I borrowed her table and as long as I use it, I feel good. I have gotten better and better. I take Aleve when I do have pain, cancelled pain management and am my sweet old self at home and work. Since I couldn't keep my neighbor's table forever, I have purchased my own and have a couple of friends anxious to try it. I am sooooo happy. I am 60 years old and never expected to feel this well again."
- J. Grieder, The Villages, FL

"I bought your system "Lose the Back Pain" and have been doing very well with it since I started using�the program that is right for me. I have gone from being bed ridden to working in the garden, cutting down trees and just�doing darn well anything that I can and want too. I also invested in the inversion table which has�also is a big help. I have also told friends and family how wonderful�your system is and how it has help me not to have surgery, for that is what I was told that I needed.�Thanks for the pain relief."
- Mel Kauffman

"After 1 week I no longer hurt and I walk, dance, garden
and shower with NO PAIN!"

"I am and 54 year old nurse, and have had painful Sciatica for the last 4 years. I have tried massage, acupuncture, traditional medicines and Chinese medicine. It had gotten to a point where I could not even stand in the shower without having to cry because of the pain which radiated from the left side of my buttock all the way to my ankle. My life as far as I saw it was literally gone. My garden is my pride and joy , but have not been able to work it for many years.

When I looked in the mirror (with no clothes on) I saw a very old woman who was so lopsided that it made me cry. Traveling was no longer an option for me, because I would have to hang on or hold on to a cart or walker. I thought to myself that I will end up in a wheel chair with in a few years.

I have been communicating with the Lose the Back Pain web site and they had a advertisement about the inversion table. What did I have to lose? I received the table just after Christmas 2006, I am on there twice a day for no more than 5 minutes at a time. After 1 week I am no longer lopsided, I no longer hurt and am able to walk, dance, run, garden and shower with NO pain. What a blessing inversion is. My husband is so happy to see that I am no longer in pain and smiling. I believe that I have grown a few inches which makes my clothes fit better."
– R. Baak, Perris, CA

"I started with Lose The Back Pain in May 07. I do my Sciatica Exercise every other day now, and not to jinx myself but I've been one hundred percent for the last five months. I've eased back into my regular daily exercise as well.

After the first few weeks of prescribed exercise, I started using an inversion table and got immediate relief. Thank you again!"
- Robert R.

"Assembly was surprisingly easy."

"We recently received the inversion table. Assembly was surprisingly easy, instructions were great, and the quality of this product is amazing for the cost we paid for it. We're looking forward to experiencing the benefits. Thanks for an outstanding product in a time when so many others are cheaply made, yet overpriced. Yours is the way it should be." 
- S. Barnhart, Lititz, PA

"Interesting...I am one of those patients who cancelled my back surgery because the inversion therapy worked for me!! I suffered with chronic back pain and sciatica for three years!� I have a herniated disc (L4-L5), had 5 epidural injections, physical therapy,�chiropractc therapy...you name it!! This was my last resort before surgery... I bought my inversion table about 6 weeks before my surgery. Two weeks before I was to go "under the knife" for microdiscectomy, my pain�diminished by 90%�...good enough for me, and glad to be off anti-inflammatory medications as well. I'm a believer!!"
- Diane T.

"The reason I haven't bought an inversion table from you is that I already have one. I absolutely�love it. I also love the Trigger Point System which I purchased from you a while ago. �It's brilliantly�simple, and simply brilliant!!!�I love all the great tips you send via your emails. I look forward to receiving more in the future.�Your help has certainly made my back injury much easier to handle."
- Thanks again,
Sally B, Australia�

"I signed up for your loose the back pain system a year ago and with the inversion table I also got from you, I've seen dramatic improvements in my lifestyle and things I can do again because I'm not in pain. I'm a true believer in your system and tell all that want to listen about it. Keep up the good work!"�
- Chris S.

"Just a note to let you know that I have been using my inversion table, the bad pain in my lower left leg and the strong pain in my left butt cheek have vanished. I didn't respond before now because I was trying to be sure it was gone before I personally thanked you for this tremendous invention. I've done pain killers, therapy, and doctors. They said, 'Just something you'll have to live with'. Thank you and your staff."
- Franklin Bair

"Two or three weeks back I had ordered through you the Inversion Table and love that too, but find I have to get used to it very carefully and slowly or I suffer with pain in my ribs, hips, thighs, etc.� I don't stay inverted at about 25% for no more then 40 seconds at a time. Part of it may be that I'm 82 yrs. old, and though basically very healthy, I was diagnosed with MS five years ago. Doctors are dubious about this, but if I do have it, it is a mild nonaggressive type. I do seem to have the symptoms that are listed for MS.�Thank you Jesse; just wanted to let you know that I'm definitely using the products you have brought to my attention."
- Gary P.

"I have purchased and use your "lose the back pain" system. It got me out of trouble, out of pain and I'm glad I made the investment. I also purchased my inversion table due to your emails. I believe the inversion table is well worth the investment. I find many of your emails extremely valuable, and plan to make additional purchases."
- Regards,
Rolf S.

"I suffered for�5 months and I now know it was needless suffering because the inversion table got rid of the pain in less than a month. I'm sure there are many people out there suffering who could also benefit but are reluctant to spend the money because it was not recommended by their doctor. I do not understand why chiropractors do not have this table in their office. It makes no sense."
- Joe M.

Inversion Therapy FAQ

1) How long do I need to invert each day?

This is covered in more detail in the video you'll be receiving; however as a general guideline... we suggest inverting for 1-3 minutes, 1-3 times per day for the first week or 2 and then gradually adjusting the amount of time and the degree of inversion as you become more comfortable with it.

Also keep in mind that the degree of inversion also affects how long you need to invert. For example, the shallower the degree, the longer the inversion time. The higher degree of inversion, the shorter the inversion time. However it all comes down to this - listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, simply stop inverting and try again later.

2) How long will it take to see results?

This is completely dependent on the injuries causing your pain and the extent to those injuries. For example if you're dealing with tight muscles in your neck caused by stress, you'll typically see very rapid (even immediate) improvements. However if you have a more serious injury... it may take a few weeks or even months.

It also depends on other treatments you're currently taking, your mindset, diet and various other factors.

It all boils down to the fact that this question varies from person to person... and that's why we've included a double 90-day guarantee allowing you to try out the HBI Premium Inversion Table with no risk to you!

3) Do I have to be completely upside-down?

The short answer is... if you're not comfortable with it - absolutely not.

Let me explain.

With the HBI Premium Inversion Table you can invert anywhere from about 20-30 degrees... all the way to a full inversion at 90 degrees.

Since 95% of all discomfort comes from people who try to invert too much, too fast, we've developed a general guideline.

We recommend first-time inverters begin at around 20-30 degrees for the first week or 2, simply to get used to being in an inverted position. As we already talked about, you're still getting fantastic relief even at this low and much more comfortable degree.

After the first week or 2, simply move the safety tether strap and begin inverting at 60 degrees... If you are ready for it. The majority of people never have to go beyond this angle, and only should if you're ready and willing to do so.

Next... after another few weeks you can try out full inversion. Just remember, start out with only 30 seconds or so of full inversion as your body is still not used to this much traction and may be sore the next day.

Last... you can also experiment with "Intermittent/Oscillation intermittent traction". Intermittent traction is when you alternate by inverting for 20-30 seconds... and then return upright for another 20-30 seconds. Oscillation intermittent traction involves rhythmic rocking back and forth and is actually preferred by most doctors over traditional inversion therapy because it helps stimulate circulation on a higher level, which then helps remove waste from the injured discs.

4) Does inversion cause strokes / popped blood vessels?

For many years, the biggest concern was that inversion therapy would increase the chance of stroke or even eye problems. This was caused by a grossly mis-interpreted study done by Dr. Goldman.

After 2 more years of extensive research on the subject, he discovered that the body actually has mechanisms that prevent damage from hanging upside down.

In fact, some of the patients' blood pressure actually dropped a few points.

(Note: These studies were based on patients in generally good health. We've included contraindications on this page to make sure you're a good fit for inversion therapy, so please keep reading).

We've never heard of a single case published or unpublished where inversion caused a stroke or popped blood vessels.

In fact... in 2008 stunt-master David Blaine hung upside down for 3 full-days...without experiencing any type of health problems whatsoever.

His eyes were fine, his blood pressure was perfect, and his heart and lungs were great!

If you have high blood pressure, heart disease or an eye condition, or if you've undergone fusion surgery... you should check with your doctor before inverting.

Keep in mind that extensive research shows inversion therapy is as safe as most daily activities.

5) Why do I feel so much pressure in my head - is it normal to turn red?

In the beginning, this is completely normal because your body is doing something it's not used to doing... just like how it gets sore when you first begin a new exercise program.

In fact, the extra blood going into your head is wonderful for you... causing a 7% increase in efficiency and a 14% increase in accuracy within your brain while being inverted.

Also... keep in mind that this feeling lessens overtime as you get used to it... and it's absolutely 100% OK to come out of the inversion and rest in an upright position for a minute - or simply invert at a lower angle.

6) How do I focus on the lower back / upper back / neck region?

Inversion is a natural form of gravity-assisted traction. This means that the amount of traction applied to various locations of the body is exactly the right amount! Every vertebra and related disc is just the right size to support the weight above it. The large discs in the lower back are the right size to support the 60% body weight that is above them. The small discs in the neck are just the right size to support the weight of the head. When inverted, the weight normally supported is just the right weight to apply traction. Gentle stretching and exercise is beneficial to help decompress and mobilize the spine:

Lower back

You may perform gentle stretching exercises to help move the muscles and connective tissues in the lower back area. In partial inversion, try rotating gently from side-to-side, or slowly rocking your pelvis forward and backward. If you have worked up to full inversion, abdominal exercises (sit-ups, crunches) can be beneficial to the lower back, since strong abdominal muscles are key for proper posture. On the inversion tables, you can try a gentle back extension by placing your hands behind your head on the bed frame and pushing your body in an arch away from the table.

Upper back

Many people experience upper back pain as a result of stress and muscle tension. The key to relieving this pain is to totally relax while inverting. Try deep breathing exercises. Also, partner work can be beneficial. Nothing is more relaxing than an inverted back and shoulder massage! Movement is also very beneficial. Try rounding your shoulders forward and pushing them back. Also, stretch one arm at a time across your torso to extend those upper back muscles.


Again, movement can be beneficial. Try rotating your head from one side to the other. Partner massages to the base of the head and back of the neck are very relaxing (do not apply pressure to the front of the neck). You can also add gentle inverted traction to your neck by resting your arms behind your head at the base of your skull (don't pull, just add the weight of your arms).




7) Can you use an inversion table if you have heart disease or high blood pressure?

It is true that people should not invert if they have uncontrolled high blood pressure.

However, inversion can cause a state of relaxation that results in a drop in heart rate and BP (sometimes even lower than at a resting state). Some doctors have used inversion as a treatment for high BP.

If you have concerns, you should check with your doctor before inverting.

8) What problems will an inversion therapy help?

There are literally DOZENS of benefits of using an inversion table... however I'll go over some of most common areas you're most likely worried about.

Bulged/Herniated Discs - According to many medical professional, several sessions of intermittent traction (e.g. inversion therapy done in a rocking-like fashion) is one of the best ways to help the body deal with and eliminate a bulged disc.

Sciatica - Just like bulged/herniated discs... inversion tables help create separation in your vertebrae, lowering the pressure on the discs, which therefore come off the sciatic nerve causing your unbearable sciatica pain.

Headaches/Migraines - Although we don't have any medical studies "proving" that inversion tables reduce the frequency and/or intensity of headaches and migraines... we have many customers who have written to us letting us know that once they started inverting... their headaches and migraines diminished rapidly.

Blood Draining From Lower Limbs - If you're suffering from fluid build-up in your lower limbs, inversion tables can help. This happens because as you're inverted... the pooled up blood and fluids in your lower limbs have an easier chance ofgetting sucked out of your tensed muscles... making their way back into the bloodstream where they can be purified and released by your lymph system.

Children - We've received many questions from worried parents asking if inversion tables can help relieve the pain children receive from scoliosis. The answer is... YES! Inversion therapy can help slow or reverse the effects of scoliosis at any age, and it's especially helpful for children who's bones haven't fully developed (before the age of 12-14).

If you have a child under 14 years old, we recommend consulting with a licensed physician first... as well as making sure the children have someone with them to help.

9) Is it safe to invert if I have a fused vertebra?

If you have a fused vertebra we recommend consulting with a licensed physician who can assess your situation in person. Although people who are in post-surgery can be helped by inversion therapy, there are several types of fusion surgeries and multiple causes for developing a fused vertebra, and only a licensed physician can make a safe decision for you.

Inversion Contraindications
(AKA - Reasons You May Not Be Able To Invert)

Inversion therapy can provide innumerable benefits to your health. Inversion can relieve back pain, decompress the spine, stretch muscles and ligaments, relieve stress, improve circulation and help maintain overall good health. However, inversion is not for everyone.

If you have any of the following health conditions, please do not invert without your licensed physician's approval (this is not an exhaustive list - it is intended only for your reference.)

Use of anti-coagulants

Bone weakness/recent fractures/skeletal implants

Heart/circulatory disorders

Hiatal hernia/ventral hernia

Middle ear infection


Severe spinal cord trauma

Total hip and/or knee replacement


Pink eye


High blood pressure/hypertension

Extreme obesity (300+ pounds)

Retinal detachment


Transient ischemic attack

Any spinal surgery

Important Note: If you have any of the conditions above, it does NOT mean that you can't use an inversion table. It simply means we're required to advise you to seek out a professional opinion from your doctor before using one.



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*  This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
**  Each person's results will be unique and you may not achieve the results of others. Results may and do vary.