Think You're a Superstar?

If you are a super driven person who is looking for a great opportunity to earn a great living while helping people to live happier lives with less pain, then we want to hear from you. Even if we aren't currently recruiting for the type of work you do, we still want to hear from you...

Available Positions

7 Reasons to Join the Healthy Back Institute Team

  • #1 Opportunity
    Unlike most companies that want to keep your pay as low as they can, we do the opposite! Our goal is to pay you as much as we possibly can because when we do, we know that means you are creating tremendous value for our customers and our business. We offer above average compensation as well as performance based bonuses.
  • #2. Flexibility
    and that's why we offer a very flexible work environment. Whether you are working with us in our main office in Gaithersburg, Maryland or are working remotely from anywhere in the world, all we care is that you are doing a great job.
  • #3. Freedom
    We believe that all people deserve to be free... free from pain... free to make their own choices... free to create their own success... and we strive to create a work environment that not only allows, but empowers you to be creative and take risks (well thought out of course).
  • #4. Great People
    You'd be joining an existing team of superstars, many of which have been with the company for years.
  • #5. Training and Education
    We invest heavily in our knowledge and skills. As part of our team you'll have access to an enormous library of "how to" and "self improvement" books and courses and we also reimburse our team when they invest in continued education.
  • #6. Stability
    We've been in business since 2003 and have gone through many of the "rough patches" already. We are now a very strong and healthy company and aren't going anywhere for a very long time.
  • #7. Growth
    We are growing at warp speed so you better enjoy working in a fast paced environment. This growth also means growth for you... in knowledge, skills, relationships and income.



Here's What Our People Have To Say...

"I must admit, that I when I first was hired, I was waiting for "the catch". Everything about HBI is too good to be true! The team is wonderful. I love that everyone has ideas and is able to voice them and implement them. Everyone truly has the same goals and interests in making the business successful; that is truly not something that you find. For a lot of people, a job is a job, and they don't have the outlook of what is good for the company. I feel that our team is actually on the same page, and everyone works so well together to be successful, and continue to grow in the correct direction. It is incredible that after the short months that I have been working with you all, I feel comfortable that I could run to any of you with a question/problem, etc., and you will assist me, no problem. Along with the fabulous team, I love the ability to reside in my beautiful town, Redding, CA while still having the opportunity to build my career with such a great company across the nation"

Ashley - Email Marketing Manager

"I really love working for The Healthy Back Institute, I have been able to learn so much and grow in so many areas both professional and personal. What an amazing group of people we have..... I love my job! Here's to an amazing year and many more to come!"

Heather - Fulfillment Manager

"I love the fact that I get to pick up and move to the beach. I can work from anywhere. Really, anywhere! I'm living a life that 95% do not get a chance to live. I love being compensated based on performance since it motivates me. I love that I am in a position where my abilities are evident and put to good use. I love the room for growth. I love that it does not feel like a 9-5 job. If you're getting your work done, and hitting your goals, you can do it whenever its best for you. I love that I am friends with the people I work with and enjoy doing things with them. I love that my learning and future are a vested interest of the company."

Dennys - Affiliate Program Manager

"We have a real solid team! I like that we all have a vested interest in how each other does. The company culture is young, fun and energetic. Performance based pay is also a plus...."

Keith - Online Marketing Manager

"Everybody on the team is awesome... which is very rare when you're dealing with so many people (when I first saw you guys I felt comfortable within about 30 seconds). Jesse is really understanding and actually listens to comments/concerns, etc. Again, very rare. Jesse doesn't 'act' like a typical boss (e.g. yelling/screaming at stupid things). Getting rewarded for performance... A lot of attention/focus is put on helping us improve how well we do our jobs."

Jeremy - Head Copywriter



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