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Homeopathic Medicine for Pain Management

by Robert Chu, Ph.D., L.Ac., Certified Clinical Homeopath


Homeopathic medicine is one of the overlooked treasures of natural healing you can turn to when suffering from pain. Often distributed in liquid tinctures or lactose sugar pellets, homeopathic remedies are a safe and easy way to treat yourself with little-to-no side effects.

Basic Philosophy

Homeopathy is the natural medical system discovered in the 1800s by a German allopathic physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Dissatisfied with the mainstream medicine of his time, Hahnemann experimented with medicines that produced specific symptoms, and discovered the medicine principle, "like cures like."

This means that a medicine can create similar symptoms in a healthy patient, and can cure those illnesses in a diseased person. Also unique to Hahnemann's work is the idea that every cure is given in minute doses to lead the body into healing, rather than forcing the body to function unnaturally due to the strong effect of medicine. Homeopathy was used throughout Europe and with the early settlers and pioneers in the USA.

Homeopathy has now split into two major schools of thought, Classical and Clinical. Classical homeopathy is the study of Hahnemann's early work in Europe and reflects a single remedy to fit the ailments of a person. Clinical homeopathy is Hahnemann's later work, which combines single remedies into "complexes" to synergistically get a desired effect.

Homeopathy for Pain

Homeopathic medicines are generally distributed as pellets or liquids, and are found online and at many health food stores and pharmacies around the country. If you decide to use pellets, take as prescribed on the bottle. For liquid forms, a dropper is used, and dosage is measured in drops.

Homeopathic remedies are generally dissolved sublingually--taken under the tongue. The popular brand names are Hyland's, Newton's and Doliso's. Newton's remedies are what I typically use in my clinic for patients with pain.

If you suffer back pain, try using Arnica. Arnica is available as a topical cream, a lotion, and in pill and droplet forms. It is considered one of the best remedies for first aid back pain relief.

Bryonia is considered a good remedy if you have a cough, or a cold along with back pain.

Nux vomica is also a good choice for back pain, especially at night when it may interfere with sleep.

The Newton 'Aches and Pains Relief Complex' is a good clinical homeopathic remedy for backache from causes such as strains, nerve injury or pulls from strenuous workouts.

For those with shooting neck pain, belladonna is the choice. Guaiacum is also a great remedy for stiff neck due to cold or draft. And for those with chronic neck pain due to spondylosis, Calc Carb is the best choice. And Newton's 'Muscle Ease' is a simple remedy for those who have muscle tension, due to stress and overexertion.

For those with tearing burning stiffness and shoulder pain, it is best to use Rhus Tox. With shoulder pain radiating to the whole arm with weakness, choose Chelkidonium. Of course, Newton's 'Aches and Pains Relief Complex' can be used for general shoulder and neck pain.

For pain from a sprained ankle with stiffness and swelling, use Rhus Tox. For weak ankles susceptible to sprain, use Ledum. Weak ankle tendons and ligaments indicate the use of Ruta. Combining Newton's 'Aches and Pains Relief Complex,' along with arnica cream can work wonders.

For acute cases of sciatica, the remedy of choice is Colocynthis. Of course, the aforementioned belladonna and ruta also work well. Newton's 'Sciatica Relief' formula is great for inflammation of the nerves in the lower back and legs.


By having a handful of these useful remedies on hand, you can treat yourself at home, and find pain relief from acute injuries and chronic problems.


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