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Do you have Back Pain on
your Left or Right side?


Back pain on the Right or Left side of your body, is a somewhat vague description and is not a diagnosis of your condition. It is highly recommended that you get a proper diagnosis of your back pain in order to know what course of treatments you will need to undergo.

There are two considerations you need to know about when you are getting evaluated, the first is the diagnosis proper and then you should also have the medical professional give you the physical reason why you have the condition that you do. More on the physical reason later because it may just hold the reason why the condition developed in the first place and that could be the answer that has been overlooked in your treatments thus far...

Getting a MRI or X-Ray of your back can give you your diagnosis but it can not tell you why you have the condition.

In the absence of trauma, there are many different physical variables that can contribute to your back pain being on the right or left side of your body. How your stand, how your carry heavy objects, which foot is dominate, which leg is stronger, which side of your body is tighter and the list can go on. The common theme is, how far out of balance are you and which side of your body is tighter and stronger then the other.

Let me give you an example of how being in balance can help you, imagine your body is perfect, it's in balance with it self, it's in harmony with its self and does not have pain of any kind, that is a reach for some, I know but follow me for a minute.

Now, If a body begins fall out of balance and out of harmony with its self, that body has begun the process of degenerative changes and the degenerative changes lead to pain and depending on where the imbalances are will determine if your back pain is on the left or the right side of your body.

In order to control degenerative change you need to identify your imbalances and then work backwards to minimize the effects on the body.

So if you and your health care professional can take the diagnosis and then look at the physical reason why you have your condition you will be on your way to relief of your back pain regardless if its on the right or left side of your body.

If you would like more information on how to look for the physical reasons of your chronic back pain please read the article on Muscle Balance Therapy™ it this article we describe why traditional treatments fail and what you need to know in order to get lasting relief.

Let me also personally invite you to the worlds most active Back Pain Discussion Forum where you can get many of your answer to your question from medical professional and back pain suffer alike.


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