Back Spasm Treatment

Back spasms are a very common condition and in most cases are not a severe form of back pain. Although if you have ever experienced a back spasm you would beg to differ I’m sure. Back spasms are categorized by sudden, painful back pain, which typically relieves itself within a few minutes or hours and are caused by involuntary muscle contractions. They oftentimes occur in the lower back and inflammation of the muscles and nerves in the back can contribute to back spasms.

A majority of back spasms are due to inflammation of the muscles and nerves, and other conditions such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis can contribute to back spasms. While again most back spasms are not severe, some people do experience debilitating back spasms which can send them on a trip to the emergency room. If you experience back spasms, there are natural and effective back spasm treatments.

Heat therapy is an effective back spasm treatment. But not just any type of heat. Far infrared heat, unlike conventional electric heating pads, delivers deep penetrating heat deep into the muscle tissues and bones, sending healing Far infrared waves to relax tight and stiff muscles. Far infrared heat is not only good for relieving back spasms, but it also delivers many other healing benefits such as weight loss, blood clot reduction, fights infections and many more. To learn more about healing benefits of Far infrared heat, please visit:

Treating inflammation in the body is key to relieving and preventing backs spasms. The most common anti inflammatory drugs include prescription pain killers and over the counter non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs such as Advil and Aleve. While these common drugs typically work, they come with a ton of negative side effects so we always recommend taking natural supplements before resorting to conventional pain relievers.

You may be familiar with our natural anti-inflammatory product, Heal-n-Soothe. Nature’s most potent natural anti-inflammatory ingredients are combined into an effective natural pain reliever that offers as much or even more pain relief than conventional pain relievers. If you would like to learn more about Heal-n-Soothe, please visit:

After you have treated your back spasm with rest, heat therapy and natural anti-inflammatories, and the pain has subsided, it is important to focus your attention on why you experienced a back spasm in the first place. Oftentimes the muscles in our bodies become out of balance due to the daily activities we perform. It’s important to learn about muscle imbalances, and then address them. To learn more about muscle imbalances and how they negatively affect your body and contribute to back pain, go to:

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