What Is Fibrin – And What to Do About It Now to Relieve Pain & Improve Health


What is fibrin? It’s the answer to why you’re stuck in pain…

What is fibrin? Well, fibrin is your body’s first response to injury and pain.

It dictates how healthy and flexible every part of your body stays as you age. Lingering pain, loss of flexibility, and chronic inflammation can all be traced back to out of control fibrin levels.

Not that you’ll hear much about fibrin from most pharmaceutical companies. Because they know once you understand what it is and how it works, you can reclaim a pain-free life. And stop wasting money on their dangerous pain pills.

Fibrin: Just the Facts

Fibrin is an insoluble protein that acts as a first responder whenever your body is injured. When the call for help goes out, fibrin molecules rush to the scene. Shaped like long threads, each fibrin molecule interlaces to form a thin mesh around your wound.

This mesh is critical for trapping the platelets and red blood cells needed to form blood clots. Without fibrin, even small wounds would just keep bleeding. Fibrin mesh is the base material for clots, scabs, scars, and eventual healthy skin.

When everything is in perfect working order, the fibrin rushed to the injured site is returned to your body as you heal. After a few days of repairs, your system sends in a second clean-up crew of enzymes to dissolve the excess fibrin and leave your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels just as they were before you were hurt.

Unfortunately, most of our bodies aren’t in perfect working order. When we hurt, we take pills, and pain pills cancel the body’s signal for enzymatic clean-up crews. Fibrin keeps rushing to the scene. Over time, the fibrin molecules thicken and stiffen, forming scar tissue masses that can block blood vessels, interfere with muscle function, and lead to chronic inflammation.

Fibrin Malfunction Means Major Pain

This fibrin malfunction is no laughing matter. Excess scar tissue restricts blood flow and oxygen throughout your body, slowing down your healing process and keeping you in pain longer. As the scar tissue thickens, it reduces your range of motion and contributes to chronic pain.

A prime example of this process is fibromyalgia. The pain and suffering of fibromyalgia have been linked to an excess of fibrin in your muscle tissues. Known as fibrosis, this condition can spread to affect every muscle and organ in your body.

Excess fibrin is associated with the aches and pains of getting older. After all, the longer we live, the more we do to interfere with our natural healing systems — and studies show that our internal fibrin control systems begin to decline around age 27. It doesn’t take long for fibrin overgrowth to become a real quality of life issue.

Reversing Excess Fibrin

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to reverse fibrin overgrowth. The key is re-activating your body’s natural fibrin clean-up crew.

This crew is made of proteolytic enzymes, a group responsible for breaking down protein molecules. They hit fibrin masses and eat them away — literally! As an added bonus, proteolytic enzymes cleanse toxins from your blood, fight viruses, and fortify your immune system.

Unfortunately, your regular diet alone won’t overcome the massive drop in natural proteolytic enzyme production as you age. Not only are most modern foods lousy nutritional sources, but the best naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme food sources are not a significant part of our normal diet.

You can get proteolytic enzymes from plant sources like pineapple stems, caper leaves, and papaya, but they need to be extracted in a lab. Unless you have one at home, you’ll want a proteolytic enzyme supplement.

Heal-n-Soothe is the only truly all-natural proteolytic enzyme formulation on the market. It has bromelain (pineapple stem) and papain (papaya extract), full of the enzyme clean-up crew you need to tackle your excess fibrin problem.

The formulation also includes tumeric, ginger, Devil’s Claw, and boswellia extract to fight chronic inflammation associated with excess fibrin. And it’s packed with l-glutathione, Vitamin E, rutin, and citrus bioflavanoids for antioxidant power, plus the bonus strength of mojave yucca root, a natural super-healer.

Discover the 12 Best Natural Pain Relievers

Nurses have reported that within 4 hours, the ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe provide better pain relief than naproxen. Registered pharmacists say it gives better results than prescription antiinflammatory drugs. More importantly, thousands of regular people beat their pain and keep it away safely every day using it.

It’s simple biological science. As fibrin build-up disappears, your swollen, inflamed joints calm down and your chronic aches and pains fade away. Sooner than you think, you’ll be able to trade your expensive pain pills for the all-natural, effective cure for the root cause of your problems.

It’s no surprise Big Pharma doesn’t want you to ask “what is fibrin” and discover the truth about how fibrin is keeping you in pain – and can be safely and easily eliminated.

If everyone understood the basic mechanics of the fibrin response and how pain pills mess things up, their sales would plummet. They want you on expensive, addictive, and toxic medications — but to improve your health and live pain-free, you just need to boost your systemic proteolytic enzymes.

That’s what Heal-n-Soothe does for you. Find out for yourself how good you feel when you eliminate excess fibrin.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFTPain Relief Expert, Post Rehab Specialist.

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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16 thoughts on “What Is Fibrin – And What to Do About It Now to Relieve Pain & Improve Health”

  1. Carol Cannarella says:

    I love this product. Its soooo worth the cost. It not only numbs the pain it helps to heal!

  2. Peter says:

    I started taking Heal-n-Sooth three weeks ago – I started pooping 2 to 3 times a day full formed poops – not sure where all that is coming from but I knew I needed to detox ?

  3. Kent says:

    Peter, how many a day are you taking?

  4. Cindy solsman says:

    I have chronic migraine headaches. Is there any way fibrin could be involved in them? For one thing I hit the windshield in two car accidends. Also the muscles in my neck and shoulders are always extremely tense. What do you think.

  5. Steve says:

    Cindy S,

    There are several causes for migraines so I can not tell you specifically why you get them or specifically how to resolve them however, if blood flow regulation has any part of your causes, the use of systemic enzymes could play a role in support of healthy blood flow, and that help everyone…

    Steve HBI-Staff

  6. Alvin says:

    Can this be used to treat Peronies?

  7. Steve says:

    Alvin, I have no proof that Heal n Soothe can help Peronies, but we can say the enzymes can support the body in regulating scar tissue systemically throughout the body…


  8. Ocsar Jones says:

    Not a peep about Magnesium’s role in preventing and removing fibrin?

  9. Steve says:

    Ocsar, Thanks for the feedback, I will have some article written about Magnesium’s role in removing fibrin…

    Steve HBI-Staff

  10. Tommy Reed says:

    Starred taking Heal and Sooth about 10 days ago. I started with 3 a day first 4 days then increased to 4 a day for the next 4 days. I am back to 3 a day now and I feel so much better. The pain has decreased to almost nothing. Thank God I am off the Advil and Tylenol.

  11. Juanita G. Manigault says:

    Maybe I overlooked the answer to this question, where is this product at a whole food store or does it have to be ordered.

    1. Admin says:

      Hi Juanita,

      Thank you for your question. All of our products including the Heal-n-Soothe can be ordered via this page below. Click on any of the products you are interested in to learn more about them and order as you wish.


      Best Wishes, Thank you
      (The Healthy Back Institute)

      1. Maria Estela Ligmayo says:

        Do you give free samples of Health n Soothe? I like to try it then i will order 1 bottle. Do you have outlet in Calgary AB Canada? My friends and relatives are interested to try it to ease their sciatica pains and back pains.

        1. Steve HBI Staff says:


          1. No, we do not have an outlet in Calgary or anywhere in Canada

          2. Yes, we can ship Heal n Soothe anywhere in Canada from the USA.

          3. Right now (Oct 2017) we do not give free samples with orders but we do offer discounted offers at time of purchase, when you call 1-800-216-4908



  12. Ross says:

    Would this product work or be good for a person who has fybromylagia

  13. Steve says:

    Ross, I have personally sent you a Special Report on Fibromyalgia…

    Please check your inbox



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