Fight Viruses with Enzymes

Did you know…

Simple viral infections – like the common cold, flu, and pneumonia – cause major problems for folks over the age of 65?

So if you’re getting up there in years – or have an elderly family member – you’ll want to pay close attention to this virus killing “secret.”

Now, you’re probably aware antibiotics are useless against viruses.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria – not viruses.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic reports overuse and misuse of antibiotics can lead to resistance to antibiotic and antiviral drugs.

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And even if you use antiviral drugs (the few that are available)… most are ridden with some of the worst side effects in medicine.

So if Big Pharma’s drugs won’t do squat to knock out a virus…

Then what will?

Health experts worldwide are now telling people to kill and ward off nasty viruses by replenishing your body’s supply of natural “virus killing” enzymes…

Proteolytic enzymes.

This helps you knock out that cold that just won’t quit, and there’s even sound scientific evidence that proteolytic enzymes can fight off disease.

There are three specific ways proteolytic enzymes help kill viruses dead in their tracks. (And #3 is BY FAR the most important – and overlooked.)

The first of proteolytic enzymes’ many talents is their ability to “eat up” the protective coating on a virus.

#1: Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes Eat Up Virus’ Protective Coating

The outer protein coating on a virus, called the capsid, protects the virus and helps it to attach to a host cell and multiply. This protective coating is part of what makes viruses so difficult to eliminate from your body.


But according to Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD:[v]

“… proteolytic or systemic enzymes do a number on the all-important exterior protein coating of the virus. They eat it! Remember the virus is active as long as its coating is intact. What happens when a virus cannot complete an Isoprin bond? Well, simply it becomes inert — harmless!”

But not only do proteolytic enzymes rid a virus of its protective outer coating. They also boost your immune system, helping it to further rid your body of viruses, for an effective two-pronged virus-busting attack.

#2: Systemic Enzymes Also Ramp Up Your Immune System to Rid Your Body of Viral Infection

Let me be clear:

Your immune system – NOT pharmaceutical drugs – is your body’s #1 defense against viruses.

immune system hand block

You see, your immune system attacks viruses on multiple levels.

For instance, immune system cells may attach to a virus directly to kill it before it enters your cells. If it makes it inside your cells, it can “flag” them so that your immune system’s T-cells can destroy it.

Plus, once you’ve been exposed to a virus, your body remembers the virus so that if you’re exposed again it can quickly launch an attack to defeat it.

And proteolytic enzymes are scientifically proven to stimulate and kick your immune system into high gear.

According to Michael Sellar, editor of Enzyme Digest:[vii]

“With systemic oral enzymes we can get the benefit of drugs without their side effects and long-term dangers. They can help control inflammatory processes by lowering elevated inflammatory markers and boost many components of the immune system to fight bacterial and viral infections.”

So not only do proteolytic enzymes rid a virus of its protective outer coating, rendering it inert, they also boost your immune system, helping it to further rid your body of viruses.

Yet, there’s a third way that proteolytic enzymes help you steer clear of bugs and viruses. And this might be the most important. You won’t read about this in any mainstream publication, or hear about it from your doctor. Yet, this is the “villain” hiding in the shadows that health experts say could be the #1 thing keeping you or a loved one from living a long, healthy life.

What am I talking about?


#3: Systemic Enzymes Dissolve Excess Fibrin Hiding Viruses and Bacteria

Fibrin is that “sticky” scar tissue your body uses to help cover and heal wounds. It’s a natural part of your immune system.

Fibrin can help make a scab on a wound, but it’s also used to isolate an injured area of your body. By isolating an injury, your immune system protects the area while using white blood cells and other proteins to fix the problem.

Fibrin is sticky, strong and forms a very fine “mesh” that looks like a net.

fibrin red blood cells

Under normal circumstances, fibrin is not a problem.

But in our modern world, fibrin is overproduced.

In most people, fibrin is a runaway freight train.

This overproduction of fibrin doesn’t come from injuries, but from chronic inflammation caused by environmental toxins and highly processed foods.

The fibrin “mesh” is so fine, it can trap red blood cells that deliver oxygen.

Over time, excess fibrin acts like a web which BLOCKS blood flow and traps red blood cells, preventing oxygen from reaching tissues and waste from being removed.

Now maybe you’re wondering…

What is the link between fibrin and dangerous viral infections?

Viruses and bacteria HIDE under the fibrin layer coating the blood vessel’s walls. Not only does this hide them from antibiotic and antiviral treatments… but it makes it harder for your immune system’s white blood cells to “seek and destroy” nasty viruses.

Studies even show cancer cells often hide beneath this extra layer of fibrin.

This is where proteolytic enzymes come to the rescue.

virus cells

Proteolytic enzymes naturally dissolve excess fibrin. And like rats abandoning a sinking ship, those viral cells scurry out into the open. Your immune system goes to work and kills these nasty bugs.

And know this:

Proteolytic enzymes are your body’s only defense against excess fibrin hiding viruses and bacteria.

Now, proteolytic enzymes are naturally produced in your pancreas. But your natural production of proteolytic enzymes declines with age. It starts to go down around age 27. And by age 40, your proteolytic enzyme production drops off a cliff.  

And to make matters worse, studies show our modern environment – a “toxic soup” of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals – is also causing our proteolytic enzyme levels to plummet.

And it’s nearly impossible to replace your store of proteolytic enzymes through diet alone, even with a diet of only healthy, organic foods.

But you can safely and easily replace them through supplementation. And unlike many vitamins and drugs, you literally cannot get too many enzymes.

When one considers how helpful they are for reversing damage in your cardiovascular system… relieving joint pain… inflammation from diabetes… AND killing viruses…

It’s not just a “good idea” to find a high quality proteolytic enzyme supplement for daily use…

Heal-n-SootheIt’s essential.

There are a few proteolytic enzyme supplements on the market.

But you can get the world’s most potent proteolytic enzyme supplement right here at the Healthy Back Institute®.

It’s called Heal-n-Soothe®.

Click here to learn more about how Heal-n-Soothe® can help you.



[i] Encyclopedia of Life, What is a Virus?

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19 thoughts on “Fight Viruses with Enzymes”

  1. Muyiwa. Odueyungbo says:

    Tried it, very good products, But, the market promo,looks like reap- off. E.g,buy 3 get 2 free, you are realy paying for total of 5 ( whole), not even 1/2 off.
    Very expensive product. Pls.consider the snr.citizens who lives on pension now!To invest #300+ on a product from pension,no payments plan?.

    1. Hi Muyiwa,

      In fact, we do offer a monthly payment program that allows you to simply buy one bottle per month and still save.

      If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team through any of the methods listed here:

      Best wishes,
      Steve Coombes
      Managing Editor

  2. Billy B. says:

    Have you heard if this product is killing and enabling the immune system to totally eradicate the body of herpes virus?

    1. Hi Billy,

      The FDA does not allow specific health claims as Heal-n-Soothe is a supplement, not a drug. No money in that for Big Gov & Big Pharma. 🙂

      However, since herpes is a virus, and proteolytic enzymes are used by your body to break up the fibrin coating viruses like to hide behind as discussed in this article, it may help and can’t hurt.

      Another option you might want to try for herpes is colloidal silver. There have been some studies showing its effectiveness on that, such as this one:

      Best wishes,
      Steve Coombes

      1. LitoN says:

        Hi Steve,
        Is the herpes virus brought by chicken fox the same Kind OF those being referred to viruses OF sexually transmitted disease referred to by China study with the suggested cure?
        Thanks a lot.

        1. Chicken pox is not the same as the sexually transmitted herpes viruses, but it is one of the over 25 known types of herpes viruses – specifically, Varicella-Zoster.

          Again, we can’t give specific medical advice however both enzymes and colloidal silver are powerful tools in the natural health toolshed for fighting viruses of all kinds! Another great natural remedy for viruses I just recalled – especially helpful for flu, but might be helpful for chicken pox (not sure) – is black elderberry syrup. Sambucol is a brand trusted by our family for that.

          Hope that helps!

          Steve Coombes

  3. Mary says:

    Question: can one experience “die-off” symptoms when taking proteolytic enzymes?

  4. Steve says:

    Mary, can you please be more specific when you say die-off symptoms? are you taking Heal n Soothe now and are you experiencing some symptoms?



  5. C. Godddard says:

    continued washing and antibacterial hand sanitize rs are not helping to fight virus contamination your hands already have an anti virus enzyme on them if you wash it away you leave yourself vulnerable. Once again we are all doing the wrong thing. it would actually make more sense to occasionally lick your hands rather then wash them. the enzymes are actually that powerful

  6. Elizabeth Alli says:

    Is there any way I can make the enzymes at home all by myself with sprouting grains, or something, as I have no money. Thank you.

  7. Lynn says:

    When will this be available in Canada. I am going to las Vegas next week how can I get some.?

  8. J D says:

    Could this product help with neuropathy or sciatica?
    I have had burning, tingling in feet and other areas for over 7 years.

  9. Steve says:

    Lynn, We can ship up to 3 bottles of Heal n Soothe to any one customer in Canada.



  10. Glenn says:

    I also was wanting to know if this would help with peripheral neuropathy or not

  11. Glenn, For the most part, systemic enzymes help restore and support the bodies immune response to an injury, so I can not give you a specific answer as to the degree of success you would feel taking systemic enzymes for peripheral neuropathy.



  12. Frank says:

    When i click on the link to purchase this product, it says that it cannot be shipped to my country. (Australia)

  13. Frank, Please understand that you Gov, only allows you to order a 3 month supply at a time, so please try again and limit your order to 1 or 3 bottles at a time…



  14. Joan says:

    Hi all, Is the product enteric coated as stomach acid might destroy the enzymes would it not?

    1. Steve says:

      Joan, We use fungal sourced enzymes and they do not have to be enteric coated like animal sources enzymes…



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