Should You Be Scared of the Sun?

Sunny weather means picnics, camping, swimming, hiking, and as many other outdoor activities as possible. But look outside on a warm day. You might be surprised how many people covered up in hats, scarves, and sunglasses religiously slather on gallons of thick, white sunscreen. Believe it or not, sunshine is good for you. In … Read More

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Dehydration and Back Pain

Upwards of 70% of your body is composed of good old H2O. Some claim as little as a 2% drop in fluids can leave you itchy, groggy, constipated, and feeling generally rotten all around. It certainly makes sense to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps ensure our bladder and kidneys flush toxins out of our bodies. It help … Read More

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Is Being Overweight Causing Your Back Pain?

There has been little disagreement for decades that packing on extra pounds can be detrimental your health. Now there's reason to believe higher levels of belly fat have a direct relationship with pain throughout the body. Having an "apple-shaped" body with more fat around the midsection has been proclaimed as unhealthier t … Read More

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Alkaline Diet Benefits

"Imagine a Diet So Simple, It Makes You Feel Incredible In Just 3 Days!" Hello, my name is Michael Murray. Back in the summer of 2002, there wasn't one day where I didn't ask myself, "Can I ever stop feeling so sick and tired?" That was how I felt pretty much every morning at age 32! Every joint and muscle in my body hurt … Read More

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Your Role in Health Care

As the debate continues to rage on in Congress over health care reform, one fact remains crystal clear: real health care starts at home, not in the doctor’s office or emergency room. For most of us, it is what you do on a daily basis that has a larger impact on your overall health than what is done when you finally make it t … Read More

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Ginger for Natural Pain Relief

Ginger has remained synonymous with Asian cooking for thousands of years. Its root spices up oriental stir fry dishes, is eaten pickled with sushi, and lends its unique zesty flavor to gingerbread cookies. But its remarkable healing properties and widespread availability have made ginger root the most widely used herbal r … Read More

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The Blessing of Pain

No one likes pain, yet we should be thankful for it. Pain serves a vital function in letting us know when something within our bodies is not quite right. The problem is we often rely upon pain to direct our health choices instead of being proactive. A heart attack is often the first sign of heart disease most people notice, … Read More

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Most Health Foods Are… a Complete Waste of Money!

You can eat all these pure, organic foods and you still won't get a vital nutrient - enzymes. The problem is that most people including doctors don't know that enzymes are just as important as vitamins. As a result, there's a nationwide epidemic of diseases that could be prevented by enzyme supplements. Proteolytic (protei … Read More

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There’s Always Time for Fitness! You Just Need to “Fit” It In…

Here is what we know already. Today's obesity epidemic puts everyone on notice that letting yourself go is no longer an option. Getting out of shape can lead to life-threatening health complications - cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure. Exercise is a must. But where do you find the time to exercise? Join … Read More

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Spinal Compression: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

By Steven Hefferon, PTA, CMT, The Healthy Back Institute If you're suffering back pain, it may be that your vertebrae are compressed. Compression occurs naturally from the force of gravity, but becomes a health hazard when combined with an injury, poor posture or muscle imbalances. This excessive, restrictive compression c … Read More

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