Success Stories – Part 6

“More Back Pain Success Stories….”

“I am a 62 year-old guy in fine general health. Since March of 2004, I have had symptoms that I can only compare to having been kicked in the behind by a mule. That pain in the butt then took off toward my ankle and made standing or walking a living torture. I started with chiropractic, then orthopedic surgeons, then physical therapists, then massage therapy, more orthopods, anti-inflamatories,and lost all hope for ever recovering.Then an internet search took me to your website, and ever skeptical, I was desperate. Less than a week later, I watched your DVD, read the manual, and determined my course of action (still skeptical, of course); Two weeks later, I THOUGHT I was feeling a little better ( maybe a placebo effect). One Month later, my pain had decreased by 50 %. It is now just over two months into the program, and I can honestly, and amazingly, say that I am 98% pain free. I honestly do not believe it, but truth is beauty, as the poet said. Why NO certified practitioner had been able to truly diagnose and isolate the problem, and the CURE, I will never know. What happened in Med School?? You guys at LTBP should be teaching courses in Med school!!! Can’t thank you enough.”
Steven Munk


Lose Your Back Pain is a superior product that cuts through the core of suffering so many people have. The exercises and the way you’ve put them into an easy-to-follow program  work like magic. Your program holds the keys that will not only help eliminate back pain, but may even keep thousands of people out of the doctor’s office – other than for brief check-ups. People who have suffered with back pain for years will find relief with your program. I should know because I’ve seen these exercises work wonders for young and not-so-young. Great work.”

Matt Furey
author of Combat Conditioning

“This is unreal… I never would have thought something so simple could get rid of over 5 years of constant, chronic back pain. Now I know why those basic back pain exercises didn’t work… Thank you so much for your help!”
George Santos – Atlanta, Georgia

“I have this sciatica pain for 2 years and it starts from my lower back down to my toes.  When I walk, I need to lean on something in order for me to walk for a long time.  In bed, I couldn’t turn over to the other side without sitting up then turn.

It is about a month now since I started with Heal-n-Soothe™ and the pain I had in my lower back has gone.  I am able to walk without leaning on something.  I feel much better and I thank you for introducing this product to me.  I tried several products and pain pills but nothing did work like Heal-n-Soothe™.
I don’t  mind if you would like to share this with others because this is the truth.”

Thank you,

Elisa Ugapo

“Hi Steve

I bought this System for my mother-in-law, Linda. She had painful sciatica for about 6 months and was feeling depressed and helpless. I searched the internet for her and came across your website. After telling her about it she was keen to give it a go. As soon as she received it, she got straight into it and started feeling results very quickly – she is absolutely thrilled and is now pain-free about 95% of the time. This is what she said after about 2 weeks:

‘The info has been a most informative and interesting thing. The way it is written and looking and listening to the experts has given me hope and confidence in getting over this. There was such a slow progress for months and now I am seeing and feeling regular improvements.’

My husband and I can’t get over Linda’s new and excellent posture, she puts us to shame. It’s such a relief now as it was unsettling seeing her hunched over, and struggling to walk even with a walking stick. Thank you so much, we are forever grateful for this System!!!”

Warm regards,
Romana, Australia

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