Natural Topical Pain Relief Creams

Natural Topical Pain Relief Creams

By Steven Hefferon, PTA, CMT

As a massage therapist, I know there are a whole host of benefits you get from massage, none more relevant than pain reduction for an aching neck, back or shoulders… But let me spill a little-known secret about the creams that massage therapists use.

Regardless of the style or techniques your massage therapist uses, they may be getting some added help when dealing with your pain and stiffness. And that help is gotten from the creams, oils and lotions they use.

That’s right, most manufacturers of massage creams and lotions sneak in an “Herbal Blend” of ingredients. The therapist thinks they are getting a nice cornucopia of various antioxidants for their clients, but end up with Pharmacopeia of Homeopathic herbal ingredients. More often than not, these ingredients have an analgesic or anti-inflammatory effect. And when the therapist applies the cream or lotion over your body, you get a one-two punch that has set you up for relief… It’s no wonder you feel great when you leave.

Now as a client, you should be comfortable enough with your therapist to be able to ask if you could have a look at the various types of creams and lotions that they have in their cabinet. And trust me, every therapist has different creams or lotions, so you only need to ask.

Understanding Massage Creams

As you look at the selection keep your eyes peeled for the Herbal ingredients that can help relieve pain and inflammation, I will give you a short list, but keep in mind that labels use the scientific classification while others use the common name…

  • Arnica Montana 6x — For sore muscle and stiff joints
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum -– for Sore Muscles
  • Bryonia — for Pain and Stiffness
  • BellisPerennis — Sore Muscles

Another factor leading to the effectiveness and difference between a generic massage cream and a homeopathic or natural pain cream is how the product in formulated.

Each of the homeopathic ingredients goes through a process called dilution and succession, which measures of the potency of each of the ingredients. The more diluted it is, the higher the potency. As a rule, don’t assume that a massage cream is going to be as potent as a high-quality Homeopathic Pain Cream. Most likely, it is not.

Do Pain Natural Pain Creams Really Work?

Yes. With massage cream, you will feel better by the end of a 60-minute session. With a homeopathic pain cream, you may feel better in as little as five minutes! One way of making the Homeopathic pain cream work better and faster is to apply it immediately after getting out of a nice hot shower, or after a thorough warm-up routine. The hotter the body, the sweatier it is, the better the cream penetrates the skin and affects the pain.

What Type of Relief to Expect

Most people can get anywhere from one-to-four hours of relief with a massage. With only using a Homeopathic pain cream, people can receive one-to-two hours of relief… at a fraction of the cost in dollars and time! What’s more, you don’t need an appointment and can apply the pain cream as needed through out the day.

Time and money are the resources most of us are short one every day. But pain is found in abundance. Why not reduce the pain and increase the time (figuratively), by taking the self-treatment approach of natural pain cream. It can make all the difference in the world.


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