Why Are Doctors Doling Out Rat Poison to Millions of Boomers?

rat poison

Is this Hidden Danger In Your Medicine Cabinet? You might be surprised to know one of America’s most prescribed drugs... ...is also found in the pest control aisle at Home Depot. I’m serious. Drug companies say it’s harmless to humans. Yet, studies link it to fatal internal bleeding, kidney failure, increased ris … Read More

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The Truth About Natural Solutions for Pain

Ty Bollinger Interviews Jesse Cannone

Check out this interview I did with Ty Bollinger, the founder of Truth About Cancer. You'll discover why I said "no" to knee surgery as well as the most effective natural solutions for all types of pain. This is one of the best interviews I've ever done and is packed with tons of pain-relieving and health improving wisdom … Read More

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Top 12 Anti-Inflammatory Foods That Stop Joint Pain

coconut oil

(And 5 Foods That CAUSE IT!) If you suffer from joint pain... Then you might already know health experts say the single most important thing you can do to feel better... ...is to cool the fires of inflammation in your body. Yet, what most people don’t know is the best place to start is NOT with NSAIDs, prescripti … Read More

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Causes For Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

Large breasts back pain

Many people experience some form of pelvic and lower back pain in a lifetime. More often than not, it is women who suffer from both back and pelvic pain as there are symptoms of one pain that may ultimately affect the other. The most common causes of back and pelvic pain usually are a result of muscle strains and tension cau … Read More

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“Sticky Blood:” More Dangerous For Your Heart Than Cholesterol

blood tube

It’s time to put the “cholesterol myth” to bed. You see, cholesterol has been mainstream medicine's heart disease scapegoat for decades. Yet numerous studies reveal total cholesterol is a terrible indicator for cardiovascular disease. One Japanese study even shows folks with higher cholesterol live longer. And while … Read More

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The 10 Supplements Everyone (Really) Needs

False Claims

Americans spent $13 billion on dietary supplements in 2013, and such spending is expected to increase to more than $15 billion by 2019.[i] Meanwhile, just walking down the supplement aisle(s) at your local health food store can be mind-boggling, and rightfully so – there are more than 29,000 different nutritional supplements … Read More

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5 Proven Ways to Beat Arthritis

Arthritis in Elbow

What is that excruciating pain in your hip, elbow or wrist? You could be experiencing the symptoms of arthritis, you can beat arthritis. In a moment I’ll tell you how to beat arthritis, but first you should understand that arthritis isn’t just a single condition. In fact, arthritis is the term used for a group of more … Read More

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