What Do Cancer, Heart Disease, and Arthritis All Have in Common?

What do cancer, heart disease, and arthritis have in common? As it turns out, they all involve a “sticky” protein called fibrin. You see, fibrin is a double-edged sword. It’s a natural protein produced in the liver that circulates throughout the bloodstream. One of the main functions of fibrin is to help form blood clo … Read More

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The Japanese Solution to Perfect Blood Pressure

Do you watch what you eat... try to exercise… take prescription drugs... And still struggle with your blood pressure? This can be frustrating. You try to do everything your doctor orders. You give up your favorite foods, exercise, and even take 2-3 meds per day. Yet, your blood pressure is still stubbornly high at you … Read More

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Difference in Blood Pressure Between Your Arms Means HIGHER Heart Attack Risk

Blood Pressure Check

The American Heart Association recommends getting your blood pressure checked at least once every two years starting at age 20. But the next time you have yours checked, don’t just take the reading in one arm. It’s important to check the blood pressure readings in both of your arms because, while you might assume they’d b … Read More

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How to Overcome Your Family History of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure tends to run in families, so if you have a close relative with this condition you’re at an increased risk too — especially if they developed high blood pressure at a young age (under 60). If you have a family history of high blood pressure, you should take steps now to lower your risk. Don’t wait until y … Read More

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